Dogfighting! In this Day & Age…Are You Kidding Me?


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Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes are one breed of dog that is used in dogfighting. Really? How could anyone do this to these innocent creatures?

These puppies were actually euthanized for the crime of being born a Pitbull mix.  {Which is a whole other conversation.}  Perhaps that was better than the life they may have been destined for.

Every once in awhile something surfaces, or in this case, resurfaces, that makes me question whether human beings are making any progress at all down the winding path of evolution.

Oh, I know that I should take heart in the fact that most of us are kind and caring souls, but aren’t we ultimately judged by what goes on during our watch?

I am referring to an item recently posted on the internet concerning the unforgivably savage “sport” of dogfighting.

The fact that anyone in this day and age could take part in such barbaric activity is truly disturbing. It not only defies societal norms of behavior but totally precludes the existence of even the slightest shred of humanity.

And by participation, I’m talking about anyone who organizes, facilitates, trains, abets, gambles on, or in any way watches this travesty.

Even though gambling provides the economic stimulus, dogfighting definitely isn’t about gambling. There are plenty of things for people to place bets on. Things that don’t involve the wanton slaughter and torture of innocent animals.

If you are not familiar with just how cruel and senseless this activity is, I urge you to investigate for yourself.

I warn you, though, you will find it sickening and disturbing.


Photo credit: Rock City Kennels via Visualhunt / CC BY

American Staffordshire Terriers are another breed that is often used in dogfighting. None of these dogs are vicious by nature. Man has trained them to be that way.

Sadly, analyzing the motivational and psychological factors involved with this type of activity would keep a team of psychiatrists busy for a very long time. Dogfighting is called a “blood sport”. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

The good news is, in the majority of the world, dogfighting is illegal.

The bad news is that it is still legal in Japan and parts of Russia.

The really bad news is that despite being illegal, dogfighting operates “openly” in parts of Latin America, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe and “secretly” in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What can we do as a society to finally put an end to this?

The biggest tool society has in the fight to eradicate this scourge, is its sheer brutality. Indeed, it is the primary reason most of the world has already outlawed it.

I am sure the good people of Japan and Russia feel the same way about animals that we do and would readily join any movement to ban this practice in their countries.

The tougher problem is stopping it where it has been driven underground.

This is where the average citizen has to become more involved. Insist your local government and law enforcement are on top of this.

Also, for this type of activity to be economically viable, many people would have to be involved in the planning and execution, not to mention the spectators. Secrets are very hard to keep when many people know about them.

This is not like turning in your neighbour for violating some minor local ordinance. By stepping forward with information, a citizen is literally saving these animals from a very cruel life and an even crueler death.

Scientists agree that animals are sentient beings, meaning, among other things, they are conscious and aware and can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress.

Don’t these innocent creatures deserve much better from us?




  1. Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen says:

    This is so wrong. I don’t understand how people can get pleasure out of seeing this awful act. I’m glad to see that you’re posting awareness about it.

  2. Psychic Nest says:

    To make dogs more aggressive they cut their tails or even chop their ears. This is plain horrible and makes me really sad! Thank you for bringing this topic to attention.

    Psychic Nest recently posted…Spiritual Education Prep-GuideMy Profile

  3. paula schuck says:

    That makes me so sad. My girls watch this show Pitfalls and Parolees on Youtube and they love it. This is often the reality that dogs have been raised aggressively and they need help being rehabilitated if that is possible. So very sad that people sometimes think this kind of thing is acceptable.
    paula schuck recently posted…Tips to Make Special Needs Travel SimplerMy Profile

  4. Dawn @Simple & Savoury says:

    I am a true dog lover and this just breaks my heart!! How can this be possible that people think it’s ok to treat any animal like this. It has to be stopped! Sickening :(

  5. Shannon says:

    I never understood this. It makes me so sad. There should be tougher penalties on animal cruelty in my opinion.

  6. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    OMG!! I can’t imagine! That is so cruel! How can people get enjoyment out of such a disgusting sport!
    Jennifer Van Huss recently posted…The Secret to Spring/Summer Fashion Revealed! #SharetheSecretMy Profile

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