Tweetstorm for Bill C-246 to Support Better Animal Cruelty Legislation


Please tweet to your Member of Parliament and at least one or more of the people listed in the event photo (above), and any media you would like. Also, please use one or more of the hashtags in the event photo. (For you convenience, I have linked/listed them below.)

Send your tweets on Friday, May 13th, 2016 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Twitter Accounts — 





Hashtags —




Tweet one or more of the following (or make up your own, but please be respectful) —

“Please stop stalling, pass Bill C-246.”
“No more free pass for animal abusers.”
“It’s 2016, better laws for animals!”

You can find your MP by putting in your postal code at the link below and then search for them by name on Twitter —

Link to Tweetstorm event –

Tweet your Member of Parliment and the Canadian government. 92% of us already want better animal cruelty legislation, but the government wants more consultation while animals continue to suffer.

Working together we can make this happen and protect the innocent who cannot protect themselves!


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