What is a Mother’s Love


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My Mom, taken shortly before she died.

What is a Mother’s Love? ~ Through the annals of history, artists have devoted countless hours of creative effort trying to explain, or at least capture, just a tiny fragment of the emotion that has become known as a mother’s love.

Writers have written novels, poet’s great odes, songwriters and lyricists music of all mood and description.  

Defining a mother’s love is in truth, difficult. It may very well make more sense to look at the “how” of a Mother’s love as opposed to the “what”.

Mother’s love unconditionally. From the moment you make your entrance into this crazy and confusing, and yes, wonderful world, no matter what you do, they are there for you.

Mother’s love gently, nurturing you through life’s travails, massaging your emotions with a velvet glove. But at the same time they love fiercely. Mother’s wrote the book on protection and God help anyone who messes with their baby!

A mother’s love is boundless, expanding and strengthening with the passage of time.

And a mother’s love is true. She loves you and that’s that. No ambiguity involved. There’s nothing in it for her, so there’s no reason for you to doubt it!

My mom died eleven years ago this past January. I can honestly say that I think of her every day. Usually, it’s about something that is going on or something that I am doing that triggers a memory. It may be something we did together, like baking or knitting or sometimes it’s “gee I wonder what mom would have thought of that” when there’s a family event or news of some kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed to have had my mother in my life for as long as I did, but despite that time together and all we did, I wished there was more.  I know that might sound a little selfish or greedy even, but it’s really more for her. I wish I had more time to tell her, not that I loved her, she knew that, but rather why I loved her and just how much she meant to me.

Mother’s are nurturers and as their children grow up, it’s been my experience, with two grown children now of my own, that we tend to stay in that role. It just never occurred to me that it would have been nice to at least try to nurture my mom a little bit too.

What is a Mother's Love

My babies, taken a couple Christmases ago. {Yes, they are both of drinking age…lol}

So on Sunday, May 8th, try a little nurturing of your own. Please do something special for that someone special who has been there for you from day one.

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms; here and in our hearts!




  1. sabina Edwards says:

    LOL my babies too, are of drinking age now. Miss them both but am very proud that they are out on their own, esp when I see so many still at home not working.

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