Kings Landing Historical Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada

I have visited Kings Landing a couple of times in the past and for the last several years have talked about going again. But life always seemed to get in the way and for a variety of reasons, the return trip never materialized.

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Catherine White, Oak Lawn Images

This year I made a pact with myself to make it happen, and it did!

My sisters and I got up bright and early last Tuesday morning and after a stop for our prerequisite road trip coffee, we were on our way!

If you are unfamiliar with Kings Landing, it is a historical settlement, near Fredericton, New Brunswick and has original buildings from the period of 1820-1920. It was created around buildings that were saved and moved to make way for the head pond for the Mactaquac Dam. As well, many historical buildings throughout the province were also salvaged, recreated and relocated to the site.

Although Kings Landing is not and never was a real village, it is an amazing representation of rural New Brunswick life during the 19th and early 20th century. The project was originally started in the late 1960’s and continues to the present day, as new buildings are being added every few years.

When you first enter the Welcome Centre you are met by extremely knowledgeable staff who will be able to answer all your questions and help you plan your day.

As you leave the Welcome Centre the first area of Kings Landing you will enter is the (new to me) Exhibit Experience area. The last time I visited Kings Landing, which was several years ago, this area didn’t exist.

The Exhibit Experience is a modern, hands-on museum featuring 40 plus exhibits, children’s activities, workshops, entertainment and more.

Kings Landing

Pit House on the way to Gordon Gallery

Just a small sample of the places we visited in the Exhibit Experience where the:

  • Apiary – Pollen Angels Bee Garden
  • Summer Stage
  • Gordon Gallery – Which detailed Black History in New Brunswick and included a Pit House which settler would have lived in while their permanent home was being built.
  • Hagerman Exhibit Gallery – Featuring Labour-Saving Farm Equipment, Rural Health Care, Household Innovations and so much more.
  • Joslin Farm Heritage Gardens Experience – Where you could experience heritage farming.
  • Joslin Barn Exhibit Experience – Highlighting “horsepower”.
  • Joslin Exhibit Gallery – Some of the exhibits include: The Joslin Family Story, Seasonal Food, Maple Syrup, Homespun Textiles and Stages of Life In 19th Century NB Through Fashion. (You can even dress up in clothing from the 19th century!)

There was so much to see and do in this area and sadly, we didn’t make it to every single exhibit on this trip, but the places we missed will be on our “must see” list for our next visit.

After the Exhibit Experience, we walked across a little bridge and straight into the 19th century!

Kings Landing

Grist Mill and Saw Mill

Photo attribution: Patricia Bacon

Once on the village side of Kings Landing, every single non-visitor is completely in character. It is such an amazing and totally unique experience to see, hear and observe the way life was lived in the 19th century!

We visited the villagers in their homes, places of work, in the fields and at the pub.  We met the farmers, the carpenter, the shopkeepers, the women of the homes, the hired help, the schoolmarm and the blacksmith, as they all went about their daily lives.

Livestock is also an important part of the community and taking care of them is a full-time job in itself.

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Catherine White Oak Lawn Images

When you visit, be sure to check the back of your village map, as each day there are “daily activities” at various locations.  The following is a list of activities on the day we were there:

  • Free workshop featuring a Victorian project at the Welcome Centre
  • Artifact Chat at Joslin Farm Gallery
  • Tripod Laundry at Killeen’s
  • Baking:  Wall Oven at Morehouse’s
  • Herbs and Medicine at Fisher’s
  • Language of Flowers at Ingraham’s
  • Tape Loom at Heustis’
  • Table Loom at Lint’s
  • Rug Hooking at Perley’s

We were fortunate enough to catch several of these activities and I would highly recommend checking out what is available on the day(s) of your visit.

At the Killeen home, the tripod laundry demonstration wasn’t happening because it was raining.   Instead, Mrs. Killeen showed us how to break and then spin flax fibers into yarn for knitting, weaving, and sewing. She was also working on a beautiful, braided rag rug.

When we dropped by the Morehouse Farm, the ladies had just made sourdough bread and a Cinnamon Cake and were getting ready to put them in the wall oven. They even invited us back to try a piece of each once they finished baking.

Kings Landing

Next, we visited the Parish School.  The schoolmarm was in the midst of putting one of her misbehaving “students” (a visitor) in the corner and cautioned the students to behave as (we), the school’s “superintendents”  had just arrived for a surprise visit!

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Catherine White Oak Lawn Images

No visit to Kings Landing would be complete without dropping into the King’s Head Inn for a hearty meal, light lunch or a cold beverage.

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Patricia Bacon

The King’s Head Inn Restaurant represents traditions that date back 150 years to the days of the Loyalists travelling the Saint John River. Travel in the 1800’s was slow and inns or “half-way” houses grew up in many places along the river. These inns offered a warm meal, a refreshing drink, and basic accommodations.

Kings Landing

They offer a varied menu with something for every taste and appetite. From soups and chowders to fresh from the garden salads, culinary treats from the past to modern favourites, all-inclusive meals for little Loyalists and decadent desserts.

Many of their meals are served with the most delicious homemade brown bread that I have ever tasted!  (I’m sorry Grammie but I may or may not have bought a loaf).

Kings Landing

 Ingraham house garden

While in the village, we visited the prosperous Ingraham house and stunning gardens, (and actually met a young woman who just the weekend before had married into the Ingraham family, Grant Store (complete with two resident dogs), St. Marks church (complete with huge vases of flowers, possibly from the wedding?), the Perley home, the Heustis home, the Blacksmith Shop (which a gentleman advised us not to walk past unless we were “properly chaperoned”…lol), the Lint home and the Kings Head Inn where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

This entire experience was a bit surreal and made me feel as though I had truly travelled back in time!

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Catherine White Oak Lawn Images

I could have stayed here for a week, it was so much fun and what a unique educational opportunity for young and old alike.

There would be time to see everything if you started early and didn’t dawdle like we did. But we wanted the full experience and unfortunately didn’t get to every single area.  I think the next visit, and there will definitely be a next visit, we will split the experience into two days, then we will be sure not to miss a thing.

Kings Landing

Photo attribution: Catherine White Oak Lawn Images

If you would like more information on Kings Landing, be sure to follow along with them on their website and social media channels.

~  Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ You Tube ~

Kings Landing

Disclosure: I visited Kings Landing as their guest. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.



  1. Catherine White says:

    What a fun day that was. We learn so much of our own New Brunswick history, taught not in a classroom but a large living classroom.

  2. paula schuck says:

    I am so ready to visit. Looks amazing!! Kings Landing Historical Settlement looks so educational and really fun too!
    paula schuck recently posted…Weekends are a Blast at Sherkston Shores #LiveSherkstonMy Profile

  3. Emily S. says:

    This place looks like it is lost in time. It looks like it would be super fun to learn about the history of the area and of course how people lived in times past.
    Emily S. recently posted…Oh Canada! Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversaryMy Profile

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    This looks like such an amazing place to visit, I love that the original buildings are still standing and it’s a working museum as that always adds an extra dimension.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Summer Home WishlistMy Profile

  5. Judy Cowan says:

    Looks like a nice place to visit, a little too far from us since we are in Ontario but will have to remember it if we ever make a trip to the East Coast.

  6. Aeryn Lynne says:

    Oooh, nice! Love checking out historical sites when travelling. I’ve added Kings Landing to my bucket list for whenever we finally get a chance to visit New Brunswick, thanks! :)
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted…My Favourite Accessories Under $10 for Canada 150My Profile

  7. What an educational visit! It’s like a full history lesson that’s super engaging for young ones. I’ll have to remember to visit during my next trip out East.
    Yashy recently posted…La Rioja With Kids #MurphysDo148DaysMy Profile

  8. Jeanette says:

    I always think it’s fun to explore these places. It brings history back to life so that kids understand more (and adults too). If I ever get out east I would definitely check out this place.

  9. gingermommy says:

    I love taking my family to places like this. educational and fun

  10. Heather Johnson says:

    Kings Landing looks like a place lost in time. I would love to explore all the historical places with my kiddos.

  11. Wow. I have to say, I have driven by signs advertising Kings Landing several times on my way through NB. I never really knew what it was all about, so never had the urge to stop and visit. It looks fascinating! Your photos really make me want to visit. Love the mill…and the animals! It just looks so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing!
    Sandy recently posted…6 Tips To Help You Be The Ultimate Dependable Host For Canada 150! #CanadasHomeMy Profile

  12. Alaina Bullock says:

    I love visiting place like this! I’ve heard lots of great things about Kings Landing, and after reading this, I really want to visit one day! It looks absolutely fascinating!

  13. Jen Temcio says:

    I plan my vacations around historic tours and attractions and this would be a dream come true! I would stay there and do a couple of days….40 attractions? Incredible.

  14. Kerrie Mendoza says:

    What a beautiful area – looks really spectacular. Love that there is a delicious lunch option and so many things to do. The photos are beautiful.

  15. Little Miss Kate says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love that you can make a full day of it and get a tasty lunch there too. It is amazing to see how much things have changed in 150 years. Makes me wonder just how different things will be in another 150!

  16. tara pittman says:

    These are the places that my daughter loves to visit. She is a teacher now so she must have learned a lot.

  17. Jennifer Rollins says:

    Looks like a beautiful place! My husband and I hope to visit Canada one day.

  18. What a beautiful vacation! I love seeing scenery like this and livestock wandering around. That soup looks delicious, too!

  19. Blair villanueva says:

    It was nice to visit historical places like Kings Landing and enjoy being a local. I could imagine myself enjoying the horse carriage ride going to the farm.

  20. Aimee Geroux says:

    Looks like a great place to take the family. So much to do there, will have to check it out.
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  21. Emily Morton says:

    This looks like such an awesome place! There is a mill that look quite simmilar in northern Arkansas that we absolutely love going to! ( )

  22. Cynthia Nicoletti says:

    Looks like a relaxing and calm trip. I have not taken a trip like this before. It would be very different.

  23. Looks like such an awesome experience! King’s Landing certainly seems peaceful!!

  24. Jacqui Odell says:

    I have a few friends that live in Canada. It sounds amazing and I would love to visit sometime.

  25. wow, so lovely and quaint. I love visiting places like this. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Maria Magdalena says:

    I could have stayed here for a month, relaxing my body and soul.

  27. Kings Landing looks like a blast from the past. My family would love to visit a place like this because we’re very into history.
    Missy recently posted…Make $100 to $500 a Month With These Smartphone Apps (So You Can Afford Healthy Food)My Profile

  28. katriza says:

    It was nice to visit historical places like Kings Landing, this is definitely something I would love to take my family to!

  29. This looks like such a great place to visit. I always love finding new places to go. I will have to check this place out sometime! Thanks for the great tip and for sharing!

  30. Jason Moir says:

    It is great how despite all of our modern technology, we are drawn to the “old days” when things took a long time to accomplish but must have been so satisfying when they were finished. (carpentry, growing vegetables, baking etc..). Very well -written and with great pictures also! :-)


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