A Fun Day with My Sisters


I am fortunate to have always lived in relatively close proximity to my two sisters. They’re both older than I am by a few years (they’re going to want to kill me for saying that…but keep reading!) which I’m absolutely sure was a real pain for them when we were all younger and still living at home.

You see, they were the two oldest of five kids and were often in charge of “babysitting” and “looking after” their three younger siblings. That included me. I was sandwiched between two brothers in the sibling pecking order.

However, as the years passed, we all married and had families of our own, and the “age gap” disappeared. Now, we are all best friends and magically…the same age!

Even though we are all busy living our respective lives, we make an effort to spend lots of time together.

A couple of days ago, my sister, Kathy, had a nest of hatching sparrows in her yard, so of course, I had to take a quick trip to her place to see this wonderous event.


Four newly hatched (with one egg still to hatch) sparrows! These babies are in tall grass at my sister’s and they are SO SMALL (~ 3.5 cm) and SO SWEET!

We took a quick look and then my sister blocked off the area to give mom and babies some bonding time.

I snapped a few other photos while I was at Kathy’s. She lives on what must be the most beautiful place on the planet!


This is just a small view of one of her many gardens and that is a neighbour’s barn in the background.


These are some of her neighbours horses, aren’t they gorgeous!

Later that same day we went with our other sister, Pat and my niece to see the movie, Book Club. Have you seen it yet? It’s pretty hilarious and very popular!

The movie has played here for a couple of weeks now, but the theatre was PACKED with women…well, except for one lone man. The poor guy, I’m thinking it may have been a “first date”?!

If you have watched the movie, you’ll understand how unbelievably awkward it would be to see “Book Club” on your first date! 😳


Please ignore my finger over the left side of the promotional poster, I was still laughing when I was leaving the theatre and snapped this picture!

After the movie, we went to my sister, Pat’s for some wine and a sleepover. Yes, you read that right…we had a sleepover…lol! (Our husbands don’t really understand the need for a sleepover, but they don’t mind and over the years, have learned to expect it!)

I am so lucky to have these two wonderful women in my life. Not only are they my sisters, they are also my best friends!

Do you have the opportunity to spend time with your sisters or other family members?



  1. kathy downey says:

    That’s fantastic,my sisters and I just had ten fun filled days isn’t it fun when they are close enough to get together often.We also do sleepovers,great way to catch up on things !

    • That’s awesome, Kathy, ten days…sounds like you went somewhere special! Glad we aren’t the only sleepover sisters…lol.

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