Our Annual (Upgraded) Sisters Trip


Each summer, for the past ten or twelve years, my sisters and I have gone on a little “sister’s getaway”.  Occasionally, one or two of our grown daughters will join us, but most often, it’s just the three of us.


The spectacular ocean view from our deck!  (The tide is receding in this photo. When the tide is in (high tide), this entire area will be covered in several feet of water.

Depending on what we plan on doing and where we are going, we usually stay for two to five nights. Camping at New River Beach Provincial Park (on Canada’s east coast) has been a favourite of ours for years.

When we first started going, we took my sister’s camper trailer. After a couple of years we “upgraded” to a “rustic shelter” and spent many happy hours, enjoying the beach, campfires and sister talk.


Seaweed covered rocks left by the receding tide.

This year though, we decided we were growing tired of no running water, limited electricity, and bathrooms a ten minute walk away.

So, we decided to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury. One of my sisters found a great “housekeeping beach motel” not far from our usual destination of New River Beach.



It’s actually just a couple of kilometres up the road and on the same part of the Atlantic Ocean. The unit has a small kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, microwave and stove. Bathroom with a shower (YAY!!!), lots of living space, a huge deck, and magnificent views of the Bay of Fundy.

We just returned yesterday from a couple of days spent in this little piece of heaven!


It has been unusually hot and humid here lately, these people were cooling off in the icy cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The first day was sunny and clear for much of the time. We settled in and because the tide was low, exposing the sand, we headed straight for a walk on the beach. There is nothing as incredibly soothing and relaxing as walking on the beach, listening to the sound of waves and the distinctive cry of the seagulls.

We made supper and then sat on the deck with a glass (or two) of wine. People were walking on the beach, boating and enjoying other water activities. We also saw several bald eagles, one of whom, snatched his dinner from the ocean. The fog rolled in later that evening, just in time to cool the air a bit.


Evening…and the fog… are both rolling in!

A big storm happened overnight and we woke up to the flashes of lightning and the crashing of thunder…very thankful we were warm and dry.


Some pretty flowers on a foggy morning.

The rain continued for much of the morning but gradually cleared a bit. So we were able to spend a fun afternoon exploring all the shops of the nearby town of St. Andrews. It rained a bit off and on, but it didn’t dampen our spirits much. When we returned to our unit, we read and relaxed a bit, made dinner and even managed to get in some deck time between the rain showers.


Another shot of the incoming fog.

All in all, it was a relaxing couple of days and I’m already looking forward to returning next year!

Where is your favourite place to vacation?


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