7 Signs Spring has Almost Arrived

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We can all identify the subtle signs of spring – birds chirping, longer days and blooming flowers. The warmer weather signifies a fresh start with more time outdoors, bringing your garden back to life, and of course, spring cleaning! While these telltale signs are positive for the most part, its common to feel unprepared when the new season comes so quickly.


Here are a few things that signify spring is around the corner, with tips for a smooth transition:

1. The Weather Can’t Make Up Its Mind –

What’s with the weather this time of year? One day it’s warm enough to sit in the sun on the deck and the next day it’s snowing!

2. Your eyes, nose, and skin… are itchy –

Unfortunately, for many this time of year is better known as allergy season. When there aren’t enough tissues to keep your nose from running, it’s time to break out some serious allergy relief. Aerius tablets are clinically proven to relieve 15 different allergy symptoms for up to 24 hours. Have your hiking buddies started to call you “the sniffle monster”? Try Claritin Rapid Dissolve for fast 24-hour relief of your indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. The tablet dissolves instantly on the tongue, with no water needed – perfect for on the go!


3. It rains a lot –

We’ve finally (mostly) moved on from the snowy weather but now it’s time to welcome the rain. While it’s nice to look at from the right side of a window, there’s nothing worse than getting unexpectedly soaked. Invest in a travel-sized, lightweight umbrella you can fit in your bag for those sporadic rainy days. Spring is known for its rain, it doesn’t have to be known for bad hair days too!

4. Stores are filled with bathing suits and sunscreen –

You know spring is not far away when bikinis and beach wraps are on display in the store windows. Even though we still need a jacket outside, that doesn’t stop retailers from displaying their summer wares.

5. It’s time to pack away those winter boots (This is what signifies spring for me!) –

Over the winter many of us get lazy from spending our time indoors and avoiding the cold weather. Now that spring is here it’s time to step into your spring shoes and get more active! Stroll comfortably this spring with Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles for all-day comfort, so you can take advantage of the warmer weather without getting tired feet. If you’re starting from scratch, start slow by increasing your steps. Make a list of things in the area you’d like to visit on foot so you have it handy when you’re looking for a fun weekend activity.


6. People are Spending More Time Outdoors –

After being cooped up indoors for the last few months, people are finally starting to emerge from their homes. Kids are playing in the yard, lawns are being raked, gardens are being cleaned of the past winter’s debris and restaurant patios are starting to open for the season.

7. It’s Time for Spring Cleaning –

It’s time to open those windows and freshen up your home. While you tidy up, set aside lightly used items that you no longer need. There’s no better feeling than reducing clutter and helping those in need while you do it!

Spring is the light at the end of the winter tunnel and with a little preparation your transition into the new season will be seamless!

What are a few of your favourite signs of spring and how do you get prepared for the new season?

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.



  1. Elva Roberts says

    Thank you for the tips. They are timely and appreciated. I like to get as much spring-cleaning as I can before it is sunny and warm enough to get into my flower beds!

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