7 Tips to Help Shoo the Flu!

With the long, laid back and relaxing days of summer now a distant memory, life has returned to more of a routine. We’re all back to work and school and autumn, with all its spectacular shades of reds, oranges and yellows have crept in, seemingly while we were sleeping!

As I metaphorically put on my nurse’s cap, I’m sad to also tell you the less than spectacular fall flu will soon be arriving!


You may be wondering why the increase of influenza in the fall? It’s often because this is also the time of year when many of us spend our days in enclosed spaces.  Think classrooms, shopping malls, office buildings and entertainment venues. These enclosed spaces make us more susceptible to becoming sick with influenza and then bringing those germs home to our families.

So, is it inevitable that we become ill during the fall of the year? No, it’s definitely not!  You’ll be happy to know, measures can be taken to decrease the likeliness of you or your family contracting influenza.

7 Tips to Help Shoo the Flu

#1  This is the nurse in me speaking and I can’t say it loud enough or often enough…GET THE FLU SHOT! (It’s available at any Atlantic Superstore pharmacy!)

#2  Stock up on key foods in advance of the flu season to help maintain good overall and immune health including:

•Citrus Fruits: not only are citrus fruits a good source of vitamin C, they’re also naturally delicious. If fresh fruit is not an option, try frozen – they are just as nutritious and delicious in smoothies, on top of yogurt or cereal. Read the label to make sure they do not come with added salt or sugar.


•Beans and Legumes: beans and legumes are a source of protein and zinc so add some to your diet today.

•Nuts and Seeds: a variety of nuts and seeds contain vitamin E – a dietary antioxidant that helps in the maintenance of good health.


•Probiotic foods: probiotic foods like kefir or probiotic yogurt contain bacteria, which may control immune function. Eating foods that contain probiotics is preferred to taking probiotic supplements because then you also get the other nutrients in the food, like protein and calcium.


#3  Sleep — get enough of it.

#4  Get active — physical activities such as a brisk walk or playing sports can help keep your immune system going strong to fight off any viruses you may come in contact with.

#5  Stay stress-free — a lot of stress wreaks havoc on your body by weakening your immune system. Try to reduce your workload or incorporate activities that help to reduce stress, such as yoga or breathing exercises.


#6  Always wash your hands with soap and water for 15 seconds to help avoid spreading and picking up germs. (I tell my family to silently sing the “Happy Birthday” song and when you’re done, the 15 seconds will be up.)

#7  Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick.


PIN IT – 7 Tips to Help Shoo the Flu!

It’s smart to make healthy food choices all year, but you may want to think about certain foods leading up to and during flu season, such as citrus fruits, beans and legumes, probiotics and nuts and seeds to get the nutrients you need.

So to get ahead of cold and flu season stock up early on foods that contain nutrients which contribute to good overall and immune health and most importantly be sure to head over to your local Atlantic Superstore to get the flu shot. Visit http://bit.ly/FluCrew2018 to learn more about the services your local Superstore offers.



  1. I found what I put in my body really helps my overall health. The flu is the worst so I will be sure to follow these tips :)

  2. These are great thank you! I didn’t think about some of these, what a good reminder. I hope everyone stays flu free this winter.

  3. This whole post makes me miss the Superstore so much! We visited Alberta a couple weeks ago & the Superstore made us feel so “at home” in Canada again! :) haha The things you never realized you would miss so much!

  4. These are all great tips! I always make sure that we have plenty of citrus fruits handy.

  5. Great tips! I completely agree on the sleep, I just slept a solid 12 hours and feel great today.

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