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Although I am still missing the summer, I have to admit, I do love this time of year. The gorgeous colours of the trees, the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, the crisp, clean air and the brilliant blue of the sky.

Even though the autumn is not the beginning of a new year, for me, it always feels like it is.  With the end of summer, our lives seem to reset and we get back to a more “normal” routine. In many ways, it feels like a new beginning, so what’s not to love?

There is one major thing I do not love about the autumn and that’s the arrival of the dreaded cold and flu season!

It seems that every year, it’s the same story. Despite our best efforts, many of us will be forced to admit defeat and retreat to our couches with a healthy supply of tissues and hot liquids.

While you might not be able to prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place, there are things you can do to feel better and get back on your feet sooner.

Flu Season1. Clear your nose

Having a blocked nose can be one of the worst parts about being sick. If cold medications still leave you feeling stuffed up, try pairing them with a saline spray like hydraSense®. hydraSense® is 100% naturally sourced sea water that is clinically proven to help get rid of nasal congestion so you can breathe better and concentrate on getting the rest you need.

2. Clean up your act

This one is often overlooked! Keep anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer within reach on sick days to avoid leaving germs on the surfaces in your home. The last thing you want to do is spread sickness to your friends and family members. You’ll feel better knowing you’re keeping your germs to yourself.

3. Take a hike

Did you know that light exercise can help to relieve congestion when you have a cold? Instead of staying cooped up inside, a brisk walk can help you feel restored. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

4. Put your sore throat on ice

Sucking on ice chips can help temporarily relieve a sore or scratchy throat by numbing and calming some of the inflammation causing your pain. Other ways to soothe a sore throat include gargling with warm salt water or sipping on a warm herbal tea.

Flu Season5. Give yourself a (delicious!) boost

When you’re sick, making nutritious meals may feel like more of a chore. If your sick-day meals are more microwave friendly than health conscious, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need with a multivitamin. If you’re not a fan of pills, try One A Day® Gummies. They taste great and help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. For some added Vitamin C, pop Redoxon® into a ½ glass of cold water. You get 10 oranges worth of vitamin C in one tablet†!

And here’s one more essential:

6. Thoroughly Wash Your Hands!

I worked for many years as a nurse in the Operating Room and I cannot overemphasize how essential it is to properly wash your hands. This is important any time of the year but doubly so during cold and flu season. Keeping your hands impeccably clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

Flu SeasonTIP – For general hand washing, you should wash your hands with soap and warm running water while silently (or not so silently, it’s up to you…lol) singing the Happy Birthday song. Then rinse and dry your hands using paper towels or a clean hand towel.

And remember, the last thing you will want to do when you’re sick is go to the store. So, stock up today to get ready for the winter!

What is on your “must have” list for a sick day?

†Equivalent to the vitamin C of 10 raw oranges. Data on file. When diet is not enough – Redoxon is not meant to replace food.





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Best of luck everyone!


This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


  1. http://Florence%20Cochrane says

    Sickness soup, tissues, cough drops and hot lemon drink.

    • http://Tynan says

      When I am sick I need lots of water and mesicine but most importantly I need my softest blanket and my husband who is the BEST at taking care of me!!

  2. http://Stephanie%20LaPlante says

    My must have is pure honey. A table spoon really soothes my throat.

  3. http://Stephen%20Gordon says

    Lots and lots of soup vicks heat rub and gingerale

  4. http://Lynda%20Cook says

    My must haves is a hot bowl of homemade chicken soup and vicks, plus candy or ice chips to suck on

  5. http://Dave says

    zinc vitamins

  6. http://Marlene%20J says

    My “must have” list for a sick day is kleenex, echinacea, orange juice, water, chicken noodle soup, & sleep

  7. http://Maria says

    Vitamin C, D & Zinc

  8. http://Hailey%20kurzawski says

    My dad homemade garlic chicken soup and a Vicks vapourisor and a bottle of buckleys!

  9. http://Cheryl%20H says

    I like hot tea when im sick

  10. http://Alison%20Braidwood says

    If I can swallow, then mushroom soup with hot buttered toast is my go-to feel better comfort food. And lots of chewable vitamin C.

  11. http://Jonnie says

    My must ahves are pain killers, a heating pad, lots of fluids and tissues

  12. http://Tainan%20Lu says

    My must have are tissues and vitamin C.

  13. http://Sage says

    My must have for a sick day is a cosy blanket and buckleys

  14. http://Gillian%20Morgan says

    Tissues, tea and sleep.

  15. http://LILLIAN%20BROWN says

    ZIinc and Vitamin c, also drink lots of orange juice

  16. http://Cathy%20C says

    There is nothing like chicken soup to make you feel when you have a cold.

  17. http://Feist%20Laura says

    Chicken soup

  18. http://Melinda says

    A warm blanket and lots of tea.

  19. http://Natalie says

    Tissues and aspirin are my go to

  20. http://Debbie%20White%20Beattie says

    I need a heating pad, vitamin C, chicken soup, DayQuil & NyQuil

  21. http://Sab%20Edwards says

    IF I even feel my eyes itch, or a tickle in my throat I start eating my chewable vit c & d !! (and if I do happen to get sick I try to buy the lotion tissue!!)

  22. http://DebP says

    My must haves are chicken soup and hot toddies.

  23. http://Josie%20Tusa says

    My must haves are chicken soup and gingerale

  24. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    My “must have” list for a sick day is soft tissues, Tylenol, cough syrup, chicken soup, vitamins, tea, blankets & lots of soft pillows.

  25. http://ivy%20pluchinsky says

    My must have list when I am sick is tea, soup, cough syrup, and a good book.

  26. http://Tannis%20W says

    My must haves would be tea and a nap.

  27. http://Darwin%20Chau says

    My must have items would be tea, soup and a cozy warm blanket.

  28. http://Lisa%20Williams says

    I usually have tissues,cough drops,chicken soup and tea with honey and/or apple juice,some sort of multi-symptom cold and flu medicine and Vick’s vaporub a nice comfortable pillow and comforter and comfy pajamas and a t.v.show on that it turned down low so I can nap.

  29. http://Martin%20Keating says

    I must have chicken soup ginger ale and tons of Kleenex

  30. http://sherry%20moffitt says

    Chicken soup and a nice cup of tea. Cough drops and Kleenex close by.

  31. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    My must have is Tylonal sinus and chicken noodle soup.

  32. http://Soozle says

    A cup of tea is my sick day MUST have

  33. http://Kristy says

    On my must have list for a sick day is tissues (with lotion!), cough drops, chicken soup, my bed and Netflix!

  34. Sick days call for chicken soup!

  35. http://Judy%20Cowan says

    Must have is homemade chicken noodle soup, tea and ginger ale.

  36. http://Treen%20Goodwin says

    Vitamin D , ginger ale , orange juice homemade chicken soup and a box of Kleenex

  37. http://Athena says

    I need tissues, and a drink made of hot water, honey and lemon.

  38. http://409cope says

    On a sick day a must have for me is a cup of tea and a bowl of chicken soup.

  39. http://laura%20feist says

    chicken soup

  40. http://Maritess says

    A must have for me on “sick days” is a good blanket, tissues, warm tea and Tylenol.

  41. http://Erin%20W says

    I need to have ginger ale, water, chicken soup, and a good book!

  42. http://Stephanie says

    My must haves are tissues, water, warm blanket, and some TV!

  43. http://Joy%20D says

    Since I was introduced to it, I really enjoy a cup of 911 tea. I just stocked up earlier this week – be prepared.

  44. http://kathy%20downeY says

    My must have item for a sick day is Lemon!

  45. http://Glogirl says

    On my “must-have” list for a sick day is soup, kleenex and medication!

  46. http://josephine%20evans says

    Must have for sick day includes soup and tea.

  47. http://Tina%20L. says

    Vitamin C, tea, tissues and soup

  48. http://Laurie%20P says

    a ton of tissue lol

  49. http://Julie%20bolduc says

    My must haves are Tylenol tissues and a good book

  50. http://Darlene%20B. says

    Sinus meds, cozy blanket and pillow and lots of water.

  51. http://travelbuds says

    when I’m sick I need hot tea.

  52. http://l%20p says

    a heating pad to curl up with. thanks

  53. http://LeslieC says

    Throat lozenges & good tissues!!

  54. http://Pearl%20Saban says

    Tissues, mentholated cream, cold medicine, lots of hot tea with honey, lemon & fresh ginger

  55. http://Ryan%20B says

    My “must have” list for a sick day:
    Snack Food
    Oil of Oregano
    Lots of Sleep and a comfy bed

  56. http://Erika%20Letson says

    On my must have list for a sick day is definitely soup, hot tea and over the counter cold meds!

  57. http://Linda says

    For a sick day, I need a bed, a quiet room, and lots of lemonade.

  58. http://Doreen%20Lamoureux says

    I would say essential oils, Epsom salt, lots of water, green tea, book, netti pot, a nice warm blanket and my husband rubbing my back.

  59. http://MARGO%20B says

    my son has bad allergies so we always have Benedryl and I also keep honey at home all the time because its good for coughs

  60. http://Elizabeth%20Matthiesen says

    Tea with honey helps soothe a sore throat. :-)

  61. http://Piroska says

    I always have Echinachea tea on hand, and drink it with honey and lots of lemon.

  62. http://Doris%20Humber says

    Peppermint tea

  63. http://Christine%20Holliday says

    organic lemons so you can add the peel, and organic honey, either in the blender or as hot tea

  64. http://Ellen says

    I have to have tissues with lotion to prevent irritation of the nostrils.

  65. http://Sheryl%20P says

    Must haves for me are my neti pot, tissue with lotion, fuzzy socks, electric blanket, lemon or peppermint tea and a good book.

  66. My must have list for a sick day would include:
    cold and flu medicine and aspirins
    lemon infused water
    a vaporizer
    chicken soup
    and a warm blanket.

  67. http://Victoria%20K says

    I must have extra vitamin C

  68. http://Elizabeth%20Robinson says

    A good book.

  69. http://Joni says

    I must have Vitamin C, rest, water and chicken soup.

  70. http://caroline%20m. says

    A bath of Epsom salts and lavender essential oil is a must for me.

  71. http://Alex says

    vitamin C

  72. http://Karine says

    Orange juice and soup! To recover

  73. http://Beth%20G says

    Kleenex and tea are my sick day list. I always have plenty on hand.

  74. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    My must haves are tissues and tea with honey and lemon.

  75. http://crystal%20porter says

    Epsom salt and eucalyptus in the hot bath

  76. http://Lucy says

    Definitely some Fisherman’s Friend and Buckley’s.

  77. http://SweetPanda says

    Lots of warm water and a lot of sleep

  78. http://Jessica%20eapen says

    Lemon tea is a must have!

  79. http://Jolie says

    Must haves is orange juice, comfy pyjamas and lots of meds.

  80. http://Brenda%20Witherspoon-Bedard says

    I really need to have my bed and pj’s

  81. http://Dianne%20G. says

    Hot soup, lots of fluids, warm covers on my bed and Netflix on the television are my essentials when I am sick.

  82. http://Heidi%20c. says

    Rest, lots of fluids like chicken soup, ojand tea with lemon and honey, rest, rest, cold and flu medicine and rest.

  83. http://wobbles13 says

    green tea with lemon

  84. http://Tara%20Betterley says

    I must have is Vick’s Rub and Ginger Ale when I am down with a cold!.. Makes me feel so much better being able to breath and swallow.

  85. http://joy says

    orange juice, toilet paper, Advil, Fishermen’s Friend

  86. http://Debbie%20Petch says

    Honey tea and nasal sprays!

  87. http://Rhonda says

    I like to have gingerale, , orange juice, Contac C, Vicks Vapor Rub and my 2 dogs nearby.

  88. http://Danielle%20L says

    I must have sleep, medicine and a warm blanket.

  89. http://Maryanne says

    Warm blanket and good tv

  90. http://Cheryl%20Krangle says

    Advil/Tylenol cold and sinus, nasal spray, soup and tea

  91. http://Brenda%20Penton says

    My must have is Oil of Oregano. It really works!

  92. http://Krista%20M says

    Vegetable soup broth, plain chicken sandwiches, & spoonfuls of honey are my biggest go-to’s when I’m sick!

  93. http://Kim%20K says

    Hot tea, soup, and a warm blanket

  94. http://rachel says

    lemon tea and chicken soup.

  95. http://rachel says

    lemon tea and chicken soup. and a box of tissues.

  96. http://Allie%20f says

    Warm broth and tea as well as oregano oil!

  97. http://Tammy%20Dalley says

    Neo Citran and advil cold and sinus!

  98. http://Deb%20Dorrington says

    Chicken noodle soup, hot tea, a warm soft blanket and Netflix.

  99. http://wobbles13 says

    Hot tea with lemon & honey

  100. http://Lisa%20V. says

    Cold medication is a must-have for me.

  101. http://cookie3 says

    my must haves for sick days
    lemon zinger tea & honey
    lots of tissues preferably with lotion in them for the sniffles
    extra sleep

  102. http://lori says

    for me it’s soft tissues, chicken noodle soup and broth, neo, and cold meds

  103. http://Karla%20Sceviour says

    orange juice, warm cozy blanket,and chicken noodle soup!

  104. http://Lee-Ann says

    A box of tissues and the TV remote!

  105. http://Jennifer%20L. says

    When I get sick, I want to spend the day in bed and eat homemade chicken soup.

  106. http://Nicole%20Jubleew says

    Gingerale, kleenex, and chicken soup are must haves.

  107. http://Jennifer%20P. says

    My sick day must haves are my fluffy robe, cozy blanket, tissues, chicken noodle soup, nasal rinse, nasal spray, water, and throat lozenges.

  108. http://nicky says

    When I am sick, I need tea, a good book, and a comfy bed!

  109. http://Sarah%20alexis says

    Slippers and a blanket and a day off work!

  110. http://Viv%20Sluys says

    A babysitter is on my sick day wish list but must haves are some good books for the kids, coffee and medicine for me.

  111. http://Leah says

    Must needs are a cold mist nebulizer, essential oils and lots of vitamin C

  112. http://Jana%20Liu says

    honey, tea, medicine, cozy blanket, chicken noodle soup

  113. http://Bibi says

    When I’m sick I need chicken noodle soup, Vick’s, pain relief pill, tea of some kind. I also need a few Oreo cookies :) they make me feel better

  114. http://Pamela says

    A hot Toddy and a blanket. And a book.

  115. http://Linda%20Svarovsky says

    My must have is soup.

  116. http://Carol%20Denny says

    I need lot of water and soup.

  117. http://Anu%20Chopra says

    Soup, blankets and tissues.

  118. http://Jada says

    My must haves are sleep and tea.

  119. http://Katrina says

    I must have lots of sleep and blankets

  120. http://Wendy%20Jensen says

    On my “must have” list for a sick day is vitamin C and chicken noodle soup!

  121. http://Diana%20Powell says

    I’m not a big pop drinker but I always have gingerly on hand if I’m not feeling well.

  122. http://Amber%20Y says

    My must haves are chicken soup, hot tea with honey, tissue, a warm blanket or sweater, a hot shower and plenty of rest if possible!

  123. http://Kim says

    My must have would be ginger,lemon,honey and hotwater.

  124. http://Jessica%20M%20Walker says

    Have to have lots of fluids and soup

  125. http://KellyPC says

    a book & a hot bath & then a blanket!

  126. http://Jenn%20Beckett%20jennpup says

    Hot broth, a cozy recliner and Netflix.

  127. http://Connie%20Bocsik says

    Tea. It is my comfort food!

  128. http://Josh%20S says

    Vitamins and soup and hot tea.

  129. My Neti Pot!

  130. http://Brittany says

    Tea, good movies, and cozy blankets!

  131. http://Kris%20S. says

    Tissue, warm blanket and hot warm Tea

  132. http://Ophelia%20C says

    Soup, tissues, blanket, socks, and honey lemon tea!

  133. http://Andrea says

    Chicken noodle soup or tea and honey!

  134. http://Gord says

    Peace and quiet is on my must have list for when I get sick.

  135. http://Erica%20Seaman says

    I must have tissue, hot tea, and some sinus meds.

  136. http://Caryn%20Coates says

    Definitely tissues and orange juice

  137. http://Linda%20Leroux says

    My must haves are Chicken Noodle soup, tea with lemon and a warm blanket!

  138. http://Katie%20Burridge says

    Eucalyptus oil and Epsom salts in a hot bath, lemon and ginger tea

  139. http://Carol%20W. says

    My must haves are decongestant, herbal tea, tissue and a nice hot water bottle.

  140. A babysitter so I can actually have a sick day- that’s my must have! Everything else is a bonus.

  141. http://barb%20bombardir says

    Must have for a sick day, strangely enough salt and vinegar chips for my sore throat!

  142. http://krista says

    Tissues, dristan, blanket, heating pad, buckley’s

  143. http://Jason%20E%20Woods says

    An electric blanket, Soup, vicks heat rub and gingerale. Perhaps a tablespoon of whiskey.

  144. http://Catherine%20Guinta-Theriault says

    My must haves on a sick day are Buckley cold and sinus, neo citran and my Winnie the Pooh sick mug!

  145. http://Nicole%20Jubleew says

    My must have list includes Chicken soup, Hot lemon drinks, toast with butter, and kleenex!

  146. http://Valerie%20Warmington says

    Hot tea, a good book & BayerAspirin!

  147. http://LINDA%20G says

    Must haves are tissues, soup and lots of tea

  148. http://Angelehm says

    Creamed or Orange Organic Honey & Fresh lemons

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