A Recent Visit to London, Ontario

As you may already know, both our kids are grown and now live away from “home”.  Our son lives in London, Ontario and our daughter is about an hour and a bit away from us, in Moncton. N.B.. (She was in the Northwest Territories for two years…so compared to that distance, Moncton feels like next door!)

We raised them to be adventurous and independent, and are extremely happy they both are, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still really miss them! Having them visit us or us visiting them, makes the time we aren’t together bearable.


Beautiful Victoria Park, just a short walk from my son’s home.

I recently came home from a fabulous eight-day visit to London to see my son. In the past, we would often drive there, but now that’s not possible, as we now have two very high maintenance kitties. They are both super spoiled, which is okay, I believe they should be! Plus, one needs medication twice a day and the other is NOT AT ALL a good traveller, so Music Man stayed home to care for our feline babies and I hopped on a plane.

The one advantage to our kids living away though, is getting to be with them 24/7 when they visit us or we visit them. Which is a perk I really love!


My sweet little feline granddaughter, Scout


Sunday brunch at The Morrissey House

Music Guy was on March Break for most of my visit which was great! We made lots of tasty meals, visited two nearby markets, ate out a couple of times, went to a hockey game, did some shopping and generally just relaxed and enjoyed our time together.


The Market at Western Fair District

My son lives in the downtown area so we were within walking distance of many places.  Victoria Park, museums, the Covent Garden Market, plus lots of shops, restaurants and coffee houses.

The Budweiser Gardens is also downtown and although we didn’t walk to it for the hockey game, we probably could have.  I imagine he would have if he didn’t have his “old mom” in tow…hahahahaha.


We had great seats for the Knights game.  We were in the first row of the upper level, right behind the home teams net.


One of our “at home” meals using ingredients picked up that day at the Covent Garden Market. It tasted incredible!

I really love London, there’s always lots to do and you’re just a short car or train ride from Toronto. I grew up in a city of about 80,000 and moved to the suburbs shortly after being married. Now we live in a small town with a population of a little over 4,000. So, visiting the “big city” of London is always lots of fun for us!


An awesome view of Mississauga and Lake Ontario, shortly after takeoff from Pearson.

I’m already looking forward to this summer, when our son comes home for a few weeks and the four of us will be able to see each other more often!

Do you or anyone in your family live away from home?

If so, how do you handle being away from your family? Do you visit often?


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