ABC Friday Photo Share – “I” is for Ice Fishing


 ABC Friday Photo Share – “I” is for Ice Fishing.

One of several ice fishing villages that sprout up every winter on the frozen Kennebecasis River.

Have you ever been ice fishing?  {I haven’t, don’t see the appeal of sitting in a 6 x 6 building with no heat in minus 20 degree weather…lol}

Do you have any ice fishing villages such as this in your neighbourhood?



 Special thanks to Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom vs The boys, for hosting this fun series.



  1. Those ice fishing villages are really interesting. But, like you, I don’t get the appeal. Well, it gives us and “I” word to use anyway!! lol

  2. they look so cute speckled their on the side of the river. I’m surprised how close they are together but I suppose you have to make room for everyone.

    • Jennifer, I really think they’re huddled together hoping for some heat from their neighbours!!

      • PS…I’m sorry you had to see another Ice Fishing photo….but the letter “I” was a tough one…trust me, the fishing villages are gone for the year…lol!!

  3. I have never gone for ice fishing, but the photos make me want to go! Breathtaking moments.
    You really inspired me to go out for fishing in winter. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am interested in this faction, I really love this information, thanks

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