All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect

All Animals Deserve Our Kindness

Some of the beautiful little kittens in the “Kitten Room” of our local SPCA/Animal Rescue.

Anyone who knows me well, or who has read my blog or followed me on Facebook or Twitter, knows that I am a huge lover of animals. I have written a number of articles on various subjects related to the care and ethical treatment of animals. I firmly believe, All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect.

I am sure there are times when some people roll their eyes and think, “oh no, she’s at it again”. But frankly, I don’t care and I make no apologies.

The older I get the deeper my conviction that animals need our protection. When I hear stories about animals being abused it angers me beyond belief.

Animal abuse is not only the physical abuse we, unfortunately, so often hear about. It is also abuse to deprive your animals and pets of shelter, food, water, and proper health care.

All Animals Deserve Our Kindness

One of the sweet dogs at the shelter on the day we visited.

If, for whatever reason, you are no longer able to fulfill your commitment to these animals, please surrender them to your local SPCA or Animal Rescue. Don’t just drop your rabbit off in a nearby meadow, release your pet budgie into the sky or stop feeding your outdoor cat because you think it, “can fend for itself”.

I truly believe that anyone who would intentionally harm or in any way mistreat an animal would, in the right situation, do the same to a human.

Current statutes, in most jurisdictions, are not nearly severe enough to dissuade this heinous behavior.

Sadly, I also recognize that changing this situation will not happen overnight. Bad behavior is learned, and deeply ingrained in some. Education, as with most things, is the answer, but this change is generational.

The good news is, the majority of us treat animals kindly and with the respect they deserve. Still, there is more we all can do to improve the lives of our furry and feathered friends.

Please give some thought to helping your local SPCA or animal shelter. They do tremendous work and are always looking for donations of items such as old blankets, towels, food, litter, heating pads, cash and the list goes on.

If you can’t donate money or material items, consider donating some of your time. Take your children along, or better yet, suggest it as a class project. The kids would not only learn something about physically looking after animals it would also help to reinforce the idea of treating animals with dignity.

Cruelty to animals in any form should never be tolerated. We need to look out for and speak for, those who have no voice.

What are your thoughts on the concept that All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect?

Have you ever rescued an animal in need?



  1. People should start a program worldwide. To teach love , kindness and respect to animals. It should be from age three and up. Especially in at risk families and neighbourhoods, Also to have positive parenting resources. Often children that become emotionally disturbed, abuse innocent animals and Children.

  2. “I truly believe that anyone who would intentionally harm or in any way mistreat an animal would, in the right situation, do the same to a human.”

    Ma’am, you definitely hit the nail on the head with that comment. Those who don’t care for animals, are unkind or justify hurting them out of malice with excuses that ‘they don’t respect us’ or ‘animals don’t give hoot’ would just as easily turn on their fellow humans when times get tough.

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