Biannual Blogathon Bash ~ Kick Off Post

blogathon bash

I am very excited to be participating in my fifth Biannual Blogathon Bash.  The Blogathon Bash is a twice yearly event, it is designed for bloggers to set aside a block of time to get some much-needed housekeeping chores completed, connect with other bloggers and have some fun!

This current bash is taking place January 24th –  January 27th and will run for 72 hours.{8am Friday to 8am Monday EST}

I am a little late getting organized for this year’s bash, but now I think I am just about set to go!  This is what I have been working on in preparation for the blogathon:

  • Make a “to do” list √
  • Brew multiple pots of coffee {I am already on my second pot…lol} √
  • Have some high energy snacks available {Right now I am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on ancient grain bread, not bad for high energy…well except for the jelly…lol}l√
  • Block out some extra time to hopefully get my blog a bit more organized √

This is what I have on my “to do” list:

1.)  I have one major task and it is a monster…go through all, OK that is not realistic, but I would like to get through at least, couple hundred of my 1,155 posts and check them for:

  • QUALITY – Up the SEO quality of each post.
  • PHOTOS – Check all photos and re-size and update images as necessary (I am pretty sure I will need to re-size almost all my photos)
  • BROKEN LINKS – Check for broken links
  • CATEGORIES – Re-categorize posts as necessary. I have way too many categories and I need to whittle them down to only 8 – 10.

2.) Visit my fellow Blogathon participants.

3.) Participate in at least one, hopefully, two of the Twitter Parties

*All times are in EST/EDT. 
Friday Jan 24
2PM free chat  PARTICIPATED 
10PM Blog Conferences)
Saturday Jan 25
3PM  Blog vs Life Balance
9PM free chat
Sunday Jan 26
12PM free chat
8PM Working With Brands

5.)  Try to complete all of the “mini-challenges”.

I’ll be updating what I have accomplished as the week-end progresses…for example, the photo below part of is a ” task’  from the”Creating a Pinnable Image with Picmonkey” mini challenge.

blogathon bash

I don’t know if I’ll get everything done, however,  I will be very pleased if I could just take a big chunk out of this list.

The event is 72 hours, you do as much blogging as you can during this time. Aim for 24 hours total but the hours are flexible!

There will be “Mini-Challenges” (fun, easy projects that will better your blog), Twitter parties and some great prizes to be won.

If you want to learn more about the event or sign up, visit the Biannual Blogathon Bash.

I hope to see you there and if you’re participating, drop by and say “hi”.


  1. Wow, you have an impressive “to do” list but I have no doubt that you will accomplish a lot more than you anticipate you will.
    Like you I need to get some old posts in the proper tabs and so many other things but unfortunately will have to wait til another Blogathon…..;-(
    Will be ‘checking in’ from time to time to see how you are progressing. Oh,yeah, my project is to try as many of your recipes as I can…LOL:-)

  2. I love your to-do list! Many of mine are the same! And I still have to get my kick -off post done too!! Your pinnable pic looks great!!

  3. Thank you for the pingbacks on my challenges, and thanks for being willing to take them! :) The link on the Categories and Tags link has changed – just add the word “and” with dashes on either side and it will work. It is live.

    Looks like a great plan you have outlined here, and lots to accomplish this weekend! I hope you are fruitful in your work this weekend. Be blessed and thanks again!

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