“52 Breads in 2013” – #6 NAAN BREAD {Guest Blogger}

Please join me in giving a warm Canadian welcome to “Life without Lemons”.  Originally hailing from the UK and now living in Canada, we are very excited to announce that, Elyse with her fabulous “52  Breads in 2013” will be our weekly guest blogger.  If you are looking for some fabulous bread recipes, drop by each week and see what delicious bread Elyse has baked in her kitchen.

52  Breads in 2013


A life without lemons is like swimming in the nude. You can do it, but it just feels wrong.

A Life Without Lemons is my little blog about food, family and an ongoing love affair with gin and tonic. I am a wife, mother of two lovely (loud, messy, crazy) boys, trained butcher and passionate cook of all things tasty. I moved from rainy England to snowy Canada in 2011 and planned to make friends and influence people with food and gin.

In 2013 I have embarked on a baking mission to make 52 different breads.All of the recipes are from one book- Women’s Institute: Bread. I have no special tools or fancy equipment.Just me, my kitchen and a pre heated oven.

Why not come along for the ride and make some bread……….

“52 Breads in 2013”

#6  Naan Bread {RECIPE}

We have yet to find a good Indian takeaway here and it is one the main foods that I miss from the UK as we had possibly the best takeaway near us and it was so, so good! 

One of the things that I miss the most from that takeaway was the Naan Bread with its soft texture and delicious charred edges. It was time I tried to fill the naan bread gap in my life.

I made the naan bread to accompany a Venison Curry and Aloo Mutter (Potato & Pea Curry) served with basmati rice. 


TASTE: Although great tasting, they just don’t have that charred taste you get from an Indian Restaurant method of cooking them in a tandoor oven.  As always with any bread item in our house the kids devoured lots of them- possibly eating more naan bread than curry! 



  1. I know exactly what you mean – originally from Britain and love Indian food – no Indian takeaway/restaurant near us. We have resorted to making our own but have yet to master naan bread. I have sent the recipe to my husband the bread maker in the house but unfortunately our local grocery shop hasn’t had any natural Yogurt since about October.

  2. it is really great thinking :)) thank you for sharing

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