Where to Access Information Related to Breast Cancer

As women, I think most of have had the importance of regular breast self-examination and mammography drilled into us from an early age.  We all do it, never expecting to find a lump or hear from your doctor that, “something” has shown on your x-ray.

My sister and my maternal aunt both developed breast cancer at an early age, I know how scary and devastating that news was to them.  When we learn of this diagnosis, for many of us, our first instinct is to turn to the internet and search for facts and try to find as much information about breast cancer as possible.

Information Related to Breast Cancer

{My sister, myself and other family members getting ready to take part in the Canadian Cancer Society’s “Run for the Cure”.}

There are literally, hundreds of thousands of links referring to breast cancer; but when you are frantically searching the internet and looking for the symptoms of breast cancer in women or breast cancer news, how do you filter all of that information and find a reputable source?

  • Lifescript.com provides information Related to Breast Cancer, medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians.

Whether it is you that has been diagnosed with breast cancer or it is a close relative or friend, it is a very scary time filled with high anxiety and many questions.  Information is empowering and Lifescript.com’s Breast Cancer Health Center can help answer your questions and ease your anxiety.

If you are looking for additional information about breast cancer, Lifescript is an excellent source and they have many helpful breast cancer articles such as:

  • Breast Cancer Basics
  • Breast Cancer Treatments
  • and Living With Breast Cancer

Lifescript’s Breast Cancer Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering new breast cancer breakthroughs, best antioxidant foods, interviews with famous women who have struggled with breast cancer and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on Breast Cancer for more information.  Or to check out this free website, click here!Tracking Pixel




  1. Breast Cancer is a big fear of mine after seeing many women I know go through it. I’m heading over to check out Lifescript – I think it’s important for all women to be well informed. Thanks!

  2. It’s so great to see you and your family members participated in the Run for the Cure. It’s such an important cause to raise awareness about.

  3. Thank you for sharing this resource with your readers. It is so important to find the necessary information in a time of worry and need.

  4. What a great resource, thank you for sharing!

  5. One of our close family friends died of breast cancer. I love being involved in walks to help support her memory. Thanks for the resource.

  6. thanks for sharing, my mom had what they call ‘pre cancer’ in her breast this year. very scary. I love that photo of you all decked out, even the dog!

  7. What a great resource! I haven’t known anyone affected by Breast Cancer but we have a history of brain cancer in my family, and my sister was been living with Leukemia since 2007. I know how important it is when dealing with Cancer to be able to find the right type of information and answers.

  8. How wonderful is this, that in a time of stress and anxiety when you are trying to find answers to your questions, a site like this exists. Thanks for presenting this. I have had a few mammograms that required ‘follow up’and mammography ultrasound, and know how stressed I was. A real public service.

  9. Breast cancer has affected my life too many times. Most recently my friend’s mother was diagnosed and she went through a lumpectomy last month. I hate this disease and am glad there are resources out there that filter through all the information. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

  10. Thanks so much for doing this post to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Education is so important when it comes to coping with this disease.
    I think we all look very fashionable for our ‘Walk”. lol
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  11. I love that there’s so much information about breast cancer available at Lifescript. Makes searching a lot easier when it’s all in one place.

  12. Great resource. As a health care provider and radiologic technologist mammograms are one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. We make time for everyone and everything–and this is important!!! thanks for sharing and getting the word out

  13. Such an incredibly important cause. I take part in Relay for Life every year. Its my 2nd fave day after Xmas!

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