3 sisters + 1 camping trip = fun, fun, fun {Photos}

My sisters and I recently headed out on a “girls” camping trip.  This was our 4th year and each year we’ve managed to stay a bit longer…lol.  We had a wonderful time and I thought I would share some photos of our week in a rustic shelter at New River Beach Provincial Park in New Brunswick.

{Right about now I can see my sisters cringing and thinking…OMG, I had better not see a picture of myself in a bathing suit…lol…well, they will just have to wait and see!!}

camping trip

Some children were flying kites on the mudflats.

camping trip

The tide is coming in and if you look closely you’ll see some seagulls.

camping trip

Seagulls playing on the mud flats.

camping trip

Sunset at low tide on the amazing mud flats.

camping trip

The beautiful beach.

camping trip

camping trip

OK, in the last two photos, my sisters are in their bathing suits and in the water, but, I don’t think they’ll be upset with this shots!!

We had a wonderful time, hmmm….maybe next year we’ll stay for two weeks!



  1. Great photos, what are you shooting with?
    I love family traditions. Especially those that involve… family (smile).
    Thanks for the comment, yes, I have Triplets!?

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

    • Triplets, that’s amazing…I would have loved that!! How do you ever find the time to blog Sarah, you must be one busy lady.
      Thanks, it’s just a Canon Elph, nothing fancy, but I love it!

  2. Doris Calvert says

    Awe it’s wonderful to be able to go with your sisters! I went with mine 10 years ago and I had the best time ever! Sadly it’s the last trip we ever will have together but at least I have pictures and my memories:)

    • Oh Doris, I’m so sorry. You’re so right, you will always have the memories of your wonderful time together.

  3. what great memories! and I love the beach pictures

  4. Beautiful shots! I would love to spend a week there :)

  5. Whew!! I have to admit I was leery of going to the last photos!!! I especially loved the picture of the mudflats at sunset!!! Thanks for getting my best angle in the photo!!! We did have fun, and the scenery is, as always, spectacular!!!Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    • hahaha….yeah…just needed to see you sweat. Hey, I’m a big believer in what goes on the road, stays on the road and no personal camera shots allowed to the general public!!


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