~ The 50 Things You May Not Know About Me ~

I was visiting some other blogs that are part of a blogging group I belong to when I stumbled upon the idea to create a list of , "The 50 Things You May Not Know About Me".  I loved reading the list at Shoes, Fashion, Fitness... so much that I decided to try to come up with my own.  It was so much fun that I really hope you will give it a try too!! So, here goes.... … [Read more...]

2012 Beaujolais Nouveau

I am definitely NOT in any way, shape or form a wine expert, however, we do like to enjoy an occasional glass and love trying new varieties of both red and white wines. We discovered Beaujolais Nouveau about 7 or 8 years ago, and ever since have made an effort to pick up a couple bottles before it quickly disappears for another year. … [Read more...]

“Ten Thousand Truths” by Susan White {Book Club}

The long warm summer days are now behind us and the crisp autumn mornings have arrived.  For children, it's time for back to school and for me it's time for back to book club! Our book club members recently met to set up this years itinerary and as someone in the group pointed out, we seem to have a bit of a numbers theme happening. Our book for October was written by Susan White and is titled, Ten Thousand Truths.  I fell completely in love with this story; a heartbroken and troubled young … [Read more...]