How often do you shop for groceries?

When our kids were younger we used to do the grocery shopping every two weeks.  In between we may have had to pick up milk or some fresh veges, but we did ~ 98% of the shopping every two weeks. … [Read more...]

~ Happy Mother’s Day ~

Many of us celebrate Mother’s Day by showing their appreciation for mothers or mother figures. The Mother’s Day date in Canada and the US is on the second Sunday of May each year. … [Read more...]

Parks Canada ~ GeofreakZ Geocaching Adventure ~

Looking for a new adventure? Join the GeofreakZ at participating Parks Canada locations and take part in a new kind of geocaching experience with the Geofreakz Geotrails Program! … [Read more...]

HEALTHY LIVING – April 22-28 is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week!

  Since they know that’s a mouthful, they're using a few other hashtags to talk about the events this week on Twitter:  #NOTDAW, #BeADonor and of course,#4Eva. … [Read more...]

Our Book Club’s choice for May – “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot

This is the book we are reading for May in the book club I belong to. I must be living under some type of rock because, until it was picked at book club,  I had never before heard of this book. … [Read more...]

Update – Blogger to WordPress Move

The debate about which blogging platform is better is ongoing.  It's like asking someone if they prefer Pepsi or Coke.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses; each has its own followers, and the decision as to which camp you belong, is a personal one. I'm "older" and didn't grow up with a computer, I had initially struggled with and had eventually become very comfortable with Blogger,  I was hesitant to make a change. However,  unless I was going to fork over a lot of money for a … [Read more...]

Yummy Christmas Recipes ~ Christmas Morning "Husband" Saver ~

We make this every Christmas Eve and pop it in the fridge.  In the morning you just add the crumb mixture and bake.  Serve with fresh cut up fruit and hot cinnamon rolls, the perfect Christmas morning breakfast!  This recipe was originally called Christmas Morning "Wife" Saver.   Well, in our house my husband always made the big Christmas breakfast so I felt it was only fitting to rename it!! Christmas Morning "Husband" Saver   18-20 slices bread, crusts removed Cooked ham slices or … [Read more...]