Currant Scones {Recipe}

Last weekend I was having a craving for something sweet, but not cake or cookie sweet.  I was thumbing through my recipes and came upon this one for currant scones.  I hadn't made this recipe before but it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, so I thought I would give it a try. … [Read more...]

Flaky Homemade Biscuits {Recipe}

This is one recipe we all need to have in our repertoire of “go to recipes”! They are so easy to make in almost no time at all and the perfect accompaniment to soups, salads, chowders and so many other meals. Buttery, soft, and made completely from scratch with only 7 ingredients (that I bet you already have on hand), these homemade biscuits will be the star of any meal! Flakey and delicious, they’re perfect on their own with butter and jam or peanut personal favourite...for … [Read more...]

Nanaimo Bars: A Canadian Treat {Brief History and Recipe}

According to many, this bar originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Mabel Jenkins, a local women from Cowichan Bay, submitted the recipe to the annual Ladysmith and Cowichan Women's Institute Cookbook. This cookbook was sold in the early 1950s in the region as a fundraiser. It became popular in many of the province's households, especially in company towns, and was sold in many of the coffee shops on Nanaimo's Commercial Street. Tourists in the region came to refer to these as "Nanaimo … [Read more...]

Butter Chicken ~ A Delicious and Easy Recipe

Prior to making this recipe, the only time I had Butter Chicken it was blistering hot, there was so much heat I was only able to eat a couple bites. Last weekend my daughter suggested we try making Butter Chicken, I was a little hesitant at first, but figured we could control the heat factor, so we decided it would be fun to give it a try. I am now totally addicted!  This recipe it is pretty simple and unbelievably good! … [Read more...]

52 Breads in 2013 – #10 Swiss Mountain Buns

Please join me in giving a warm Canadian welcome to "Life without Lemons".  Originally hailing from the UK and now living in Canada, we are very excited to announce that, Elyse with her fabulous "52  Breads in 2013" will be our weekly guest blogger.  If you are looking for some fabulous bread recipes, drop by each week and see what delicious bread Elyse has baked in her kitchen. … [Read more...]

Carrot Cake ~ The Perfect Dessert for Easter!

This dense and delicious carrot cake is the perfect dessert for Easter dinner.  I cannot count how many times I have been asked for this recipe, it is that good! 5.0 from 2 reviews Carrot Cake   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time 60 mins Total time 1 hour 30 mins   Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 12 Ingredients 2 cups flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1½ tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 2 tsp. cinnamon 2 cups white sugar ½ cup chopped walnuts 1½ … [Read more...]

Pie Pastry {Recipe}

I have used this pastry recipe for as long as I can remember and it has never once let me down.  When I first started making this recipe I used shortening; but the last few years I have switched to butter as I prefer the taste, however, the choice is yours.   There are a couple of tricks to making this pastry turn out perfectly each time: Your water must be as cold as possible.  I put cold water in a small bowl, add a couple of ice cubes and measure the water from the bowl. Handle … [Read more...]

Baked Beans ~ Delicious and Economical {Recipe}

In our home we all love baked beans and every fall/winter I make a big batch at least 3 or 4 times.   Served with a delicious loaf of molasses brown bread and a couple slices of ham, with some pancakes on the side {my husbands favourite!} or as part of a big Sunday brunch or dinner you cannot beat baked beans for economy as well as taste. Many people like beans in a tomato sauce, but not me, I only make them in a sweet, delicious molasses mouth is watering just thinking … [Read more...]

Pancakes ~ Fluffy, Delicious and Easy to Make {Recipe}

This past week we celebrated Shrove Tuesday which is also known as Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras (which is French for Fat Tuesday). Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the custom for many Catholics of marking the day with feasting on pancakes (in ancient times it was a good way to use up eggs, milk and sugar) before the fasting season of Lent begins. For Tuesday's dinner we had a feast of delicious, fluffy pancakes and home-made baked beans, it was so good! 4.6 from 5 … [Read more...]

Pizza – Simple to Make at Home and Simply Delicious!

During the colder months we often have pizza for our Friday night dinner.  Over the years, we have tired of the cost, as well as the quality of many fast food and frozen style pizzas. After experimenting with many recipes we have finally discovered, what is for us,  the perfect pizza! You may find it surprising, but with a minimal effort, it is fairly easy to make your own pizza; it is also infinitely more nutritious and totally customizable. Basically, you make the dough and if you have a … [Read more...]

Cranberry Pistachio Bark {Recipe}

This recipe is from a former co-worker of mine.  I'll caution you to resist the urge to double the recipe, if you do, trust me, you'll eat it all!  We make it every Christmas and it is unbelievably good and super simple to make! Cranberry Pistachio Bark   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 20 mins   Author: Co-worker Recipe type: Dessert Ingredients 1 pound good quality white chocolate (I use Belgian) 1 cup dried cranberries 1 cup shelled … [Read more...]