It’s Time To Trust Your Gut

Who else is feeling sad that we’re in the middle of winter? I sure am! Fall is one of my favourite times of the year. There is always so much happening – family get-togethers, visiting parks, Halloween, trips to the Farmer’s Market, cozy sweater shopping…my list could go on and on!

While I miss the crisp, cool, but sunny days of the fall, I feel like it always takes the fall and back-to-school season to get back to routine after the chaos of summer. Think about it, during the summer, we all seem to go to bed later, eat random meals at random times, not get any exercise one day and then get too much the next!

During the fall, I work hard to eat healthily and get my life and my body back to routine.  But as the winter season kicks in, so does travelling and warm winter vacations.

And, when it comes to winter travel, it’s easy to fall back into some bad habits, like not eating as healthy and not drinking as much water as you should be.  Sometimes these bad habits wreak havoc on your gut and can lead to constipation.  And, as a nurse, I know I am not alone, constipation is something that happens to many people at one time or another.  And, I think it’s important to understand the how’s and why’s of constipation.

What you need to do is Trust Your Gut and listen to what your body is saying to you!

About Constipation

  • Having a bowel movement is a natural part of life, but the reality is, things don’t always work the way they should. Constipation is a very real problem for many and it should not be ignored.
  • Constipation means infrequent or difficult bowel movements and affects everyone from the young to the elderly.[1]
  • People are more susceptible to constipation if they don’t have enough fibre or liquid in their diets, ignore urges to have bowel movements, or are travelling.[2]
  • In fact, one in four Canadians have symptoms of constipation.[3]

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy vacations and other fun times that disrupt our normal routine.  What it does mean is we need to be aware of what is going on with our bodies and react accordingly.

We often ignore our gut – gut instinct and gut feeling – and it can lead us astray if we do. It’s time to reconnect with your gut and trust it! Not just when it comes to life decisions, but also with your health.

  • If you’re constipated, your body may be trying to tell you something. It could be an indication of a lack of fibre, fluids or physical inactivity. [4]
  • If you are unsure, it’s important to speak to your family doctor or pharmacist because constipation isn’t anything to be shy about.

These following tips can help prevent constipation so that you can “go”, while on-the-go this winter![5] 

Trust Your Gut

  • Avoid eating on the run or skipping meals. Keeping to your regular eating schedule will help maintain regularity
  • Make healthy food choices like whole grains, dried fruit, fresh vegetables
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Make sure to get plenty of sleep
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stay active
  • Trust your gut – don’t ignore the urge to “go”

If increasing exercise, and your water or fibre intake, doesn’t work – don’t second guess relief. Dulcolax® provides dependable, effective overnight relief of occasional constipation and helps you get back to your regular self.

About Dulcolax®

  • Dulcolax Tablets belong to a group of medicines known as stimulant laxatives. Dulcolax Tablets stimulate the bowel muscles while also accumulating water in the intestines. The effect is to soften the stool and to make it pass through more quickly.
  • Each small tablet contains a precisely-measured amount of the active ingredient, Bisacodyl. This ensures that Dulcolax Tablets are particularly dependable and reliable, after taking an individual dose.
  • Dulcolax Tablets have special coating ensuring that the active ingredient is released right where it’s needed. The coating resists the acidic digestive juices of the stomach and small intestine.
  • As with all laxatives, Dulcolax Tablets should not be taken on a continuous daily basis or for extended periods without investigating the cause of constipation.
  • To be sure Dulcolax is right for you, always read and follow the label.

Trust Your Gut

Remember, when you’re having family fun or travelling, try to maintain as healthy a diet as possible, enjoy moderate exercise and stay hydrated. But most of all, Trust Your Gut …if it is telling you something is wrong, listen and know that help is available!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored in partnership with Dulcolax®. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  1. I don’t need this for myself, but my youngest has major issues with constipation

  2. Too bad our bodies can’t work right all the time- but you’re right, we need to take care of them! Glad there are things like this for when things aren’t “running smoothly”… I’m not sure how I feel about making that pun.

  3. Gut health is so important, these are great tips on treating our bodies right

  4. Aeryn Lynne says

    That is so cool to know, thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to remember this next time I travel and have gut issues with the local food. It happens, lol.

  5. Routine and eating healthy is so important when it comes to health and wellness. I need to focus more on consistency when it comes to eating.

  6. Gut health is important and a huge topic around here. Sadly my gut health has been challenging from the start. My one daughter gets very constipated – this is also an ongoing issue here. We have learned to try to encourage her to get more physical activity and more water and leafy vegetables – mind you it’s hard to convince teens that is good for them. And we have laxative on hand all the time here actually. It’s just life.

  7. Hello Monica – another important cause of constipation, especially among aging adults and the elderly, is medications. One of the worst offenders here is pain medications. As a matter of fact, there is even a separate diagnosis for this called OIC – Opiod Induced Constipation. Sometimes, the only help for this situation are laxatives or stool softeners. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great info, thanks