I’ve Just Returned from a Trip in a Time Machine

I RARELY iron anything, in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I hauled out my iron.  I’m thinking it was probably to remove some wrinkles from my husbands dress shirt before we attended a wedding.

Well, this morning all that changed.  I was stripping the bed to wash the sheets and noticed one of the pillow shams had a chocolate stain.  {I have no idea how it got there???… lol } Anyway, I gathered up both shams and threw them in the wash along with the pillowcases and sheets.

BIG mistake.  The shams emerged from the dryer, clean, but very wrinkled!  For a minute or two I considered just putting them on the pillows and tossing them on the bed, really, who was going to see them?

However, my somewhat obsessive personality took control and not only did I dust off my iron, I also hauled out my mom’s old, creaky ironing board.  Do people even own ironing boards anymore? Anyway, I started ironing the shams…and this is when the time travel happened.


This iron board, that I still use (on occasion…lol) used to be my mom’s! It even still has the original cover.

I was whisked back to when I was probably 3 or 4,  I was playing in the kitchen while my mom ironed. Back then my mom ironed EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything…washcloths, sheets, shirts, pants, pillowcases, scarves, and even our underwear…yes, you read that correctly, my mom would even iron our underwear!


In those days Mom always wore a skirt with an apron. Take note of the “modern” washing machine behind her that is now holding freshly ironed clothes.

Standing at the ironing board I was suddenly whisked back in time. I remembered with vivid clarity the smell of hot, scorching cotton and the sound of steam emitting from the hot iron.  I was sitting on the kitchen floor and could feel the warmth from the sunlight streaming in the kitchen window, the coolness of the tiles on my 4 year old bare legs and the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven…what a wonderful trip!

So, tell me the truth. Do you own an ironing board?



  1. Don’t you just love those time travels!! I had one yesterday in the yard. You’re sharing this one, almost made me cry.
    You notice Mom didn’t even have a ‘real’ ironing board. It was a cut out piece of plywood that Dad made and Mom covered with old material to make an ironing board laid between the counter and the top of a kitchen chair.
    You’re right about the fact that there was always something yummy smelling in the oven of that old Kemac stove.

    • http://Monica says

      Awhhh….our senses are wonderful things, it’s amazing how smells (in this case) have the power to transport you back to so long ago.

  2. http://Patricia says

    I agree with Oak Lawn Images ( Kathy) it almost made me cry as well. Of course we share the images. What I great post and I love the pictures. On a similar note, since I have been home all the time, I now iron my sheets on a regular basis. Makes me feel special when I sleep b/w freshly ironed sheets. Never thought I’d do that…. or worse still, admit to it!!!

    • Pat, You’ve got to do some more blogging and hide that iron!! :)

    • http://Monica says

      Ironing sheets would make them feel crisp and fresh when you snuggled between them…but, I guess I’m too uninspired or too lazy to do the ironing!!

  3. http://Shannon says

    This brought tears to my eyes too, great picture!

  4. http://Betty%20MacDonald says

    I didn’t intend on replying Pat only reading your lovely blog but I could not resist. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I am not part of that memory but I can smell and see it all in my mind’s eye. Thanks for posting that lovely picture of your Mom. She was sooo beautiful and reminds me here of the TV Mom’s dressed so nice, hair perfect, pretty apron – she could have starred on Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver LOL. I think she’s proof that Mom’s like that really did exist.

    • http://Monica says

      I’m so happy you visited! It was a wonderful little trip, it’s amazing how things like smells, or music can trigger such strong emotions. Mom really was very beautiful and I never really thought of it that way, but she was kind of June Cleaverish and we were very lucky to have her as our mom.

  5. http://Paula%20D says

    Oh my gosh! This just reminded me that my mother also used to iron just about everything. But not the underwear, I don’t think. I remember our ironing board was tucked away in a cabinet that it folded-out from for use. I loved it when my mom ‘let’ me iron a tea towel or two. Now I absolutely hate ironing, and I avoid it as much as possible. But yes, I do still have an ironing board. Just in case.

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