Saturday with the Twisted Sisters

I had a great day this past Saturday. Spent the morning with my Twisted Sisters and niece. My niece, I must add, is a saint for putting up with our endless chatter and weird ways. She happily chauffeured us all over the countryside and didn’t once complain about the three old ladies!

We met bright and early for breakfast at a local diner. (8:30AM is bright and early, right?!)  I had the traditional breakfast fare of bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and numerous cups of coffee. It was really good, but I do admit to coveting my niece’s french toast! It looked amazing and that’s what I’ll be getting on my next visit.

From there “we” drove (read: were chauffeured by my niece) to the Gondola Point ferry where we crossed the Saint John river on our way to the Kingston Farmer’s Market.


The ferry, all loaded up with vehicles and preparing to cross to the other side of the Kennebecasis River.


Pulling away from the ferry landing.

The market is only open on Saturdays and features local and in season fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, honey, jams & jellies, pickles, breads, pastries, muffins and much, much more. There are also many local artisans selling their wares. On any given Saturday you can find everything from local authors to knitting and wine to jewellery. Oh…and there is always musical entertainment too.



Vendors, customers and browsers enjoying a sunny day at the local market.

The market always draws large crowds and chances are, if you’re from this area or have lived her for a bit, you’re going to run into someone you know!


Beautiful jewellery made with local sea glass.


One of the greenhouses at the market.

We took the “long way” home so we could check out some yard sales and also stopped at another awesome market. This market is open year round and carries a plethora of meats, vegetables, fruit, dairy and baking. They also have a few greenhouses on site with a big selection of bedding plants and garden accessories, which we happily spent a long time exploring.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday morning!

So, how do you usually spend your Saturday mornings? Do you have local farmer’s markets in your area?



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