Saving with Quber {w/Giveaway and Twitter Party}

Music Man and I have talked for years about “someday” driving across Canada. We’re on Canada’s east coast and the plan is to take our time and drive to Victoria, British Columbia. The distance is roughly 6,000 km one way, so…although it will be a trip of a lifetime and take the best part of a month to drive out and back, it won’t be cheap! There’s gas, food, lodging and incidentals to consider in the total cost.

As I mentioned, we have been “talking” about this for years, but we’re getting older and have decided the time for talk is over. If we’re going to make this happen, now is the time to make some concrete plans.

We have done lots of research and had many discussions on ways to save the funds we’ll need for this trip.  Finally, what we have decided to do is to start a Quber savings jar!


Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do need to make your decisions count! You can meet your goal by doing things like cutting back at your favourite department store or fast food joint, rounding up to the nearest $5 on your morning coffee or rewarding yourself for a trip to the gym. Making lots of little changes adds up and Quber makes it easy.

Quber is Canada’s newest savings app that helps you to become mindful of your saving habits. It’s the newest personal finance app that actually helps you find ways to save. You can actually save money and have fun doing it.

I love that Quber brings the idea of the old fashion saving jars and piggy banks to your phone. Plus, the app will give you recommendations on how you can change your spending habits to save more to your jars.

Early users of the app are loving that you can save with the challenges! There are even some extra rewards for certain challenges like the 52-week challenge.

Have you ever wanted to stop yourself from spending on an impulse, the Quber Vault helps you do just that too!

QuberQuber is super easy to use too. All you do is connect the Quber app to your bank account, it’s totally safe and secure! They use 256-bit encryption and the app is certified bank tight secure. They work with industry experts and follow best practices to make sure your personal information is always protected.

I urge you to give Quber a try, it’s a great way to save for that big trip or life’s little extras!


  • From Sept 10th to Nov 2nd Quber will be giving away $5000 in prizing in the #SavetoWin Contest. The Grand prize is $1000 and there are lots of weekly, monthly, challenge prizes and refer to win prizes as well.  All prizes will be awarded on Nov 9th and you can ENTER HERE!
  • You must have the app and be saving to win.

We would also like to invite everyone to join us for the #SavewithQuber Twitter Party. It’s going to be jam-packed with valuable information and tips on saving money plus there is $300 in prizes to be won!



When participating in the party, be sure to always use the hashtag #SavewithQuber and to follow the hosts and moderators:





For additional information on Quber, you can visit them at

Get the Quber app 


Disclosure: This post is sponsored in partnership with Quber. As always, all opinions are our own.


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