Old-Fashioned Roast Beef Hash

When I think of good, old-fashioned comfort foods, this recipe for Roast Beef Hash would definitely be near the top of my list. When I was growing up, my mom often made a variation of this hash. It’s the perfect way to use up some leftover potatoes and stretch out the remainder of your Sunday roast beef dinner. (I grew up in a working-class family of seven, so being creative with leftovers was a must!) Music Man grew up eating roast beef hash too. So, after we married, we weren’t long … [Read more...]

How to Make Beef Stew

Where I live, in Atlantic Canada, we are still in winter's cold and snowy grip.  As I look out the window I see the landscape covered in a thick blanket of snow and a quick check of the outside thermometer reads minus 12 C.  We have more snow in the immediate forecast and the temperatures are not expected to improve by much.  All of this cold, stormy weather makes me long for a big bowl of hot, flavourful, vegetable packed, beef stew! The finished beef stew just waiting for the hungry … [Read more...]