Book Club ~ Annabel by Kathleen Winter

I belong to a Reading Group/Book Club. The book that we just finished reading is, Annabel by Kathleen Winter. {Image attribution: Goodreads} I did a little research and found that Kathleen Winter was born in the UK, but raised in Newfoundland and Labrador; this is where Annabel is set. It was published in 2010, and won the Thomas Head Raddall Award. It was also a shortlisted nominee for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize and the 2010 Governor General's … [Read more...]

Have you Read, A House In the Sky, by Amanda Lindhout?

I just finished reading the riveting memoir,  A House In the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.  To say I found it difficult to put down would be a bit of an understatement. The book tells a story of, Amanda Lindhout, who is from Alberta, Canada. As a young child, living in an unstable and turbulent household, she collected and cashed in bottles. With the money she earned, she purchased old National Geographic magazines. She escaped into the descriptions and photos of the exotic places … [Read more...]

10 Sensational Reads for 2015

I am by no means a literary expert, but I do love to read.  Over the past several years I have read many, many, many books and although only based on my likes, I thought it would be fun to give you a list of my top 10 from the last five or so years. When I started going through the books, I soon discovered this was going to be no easy task.  There was something about almost every book that I liked. There were a couple I didn't care for and for a variety of reasons, there were many of these … [Read more...]

50 Book Club Choices ~ Have You Read Any of These?

I love the fall.  The heat and humidity of summer is a distant memory. Gardens have an abundance of flowers and produce and the Farmer's Markets are in full swing. While summer is always full of fun activities and family is often not the, "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" that we imagine, in fact it is often a very busy time of the year. Another reason why I love the fall is the resumption of our book club.  We always take the summers off and I look forward to September when … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Groaning Cake?? {w/LINKY}

Today's WW is not very wordless, but I want to explain a bit of the history behind a "Groaning Cake" !  I recently read The Birth House by Ami McKay and in the book there are several references to Groaning Cake. “The tradition of the groaning cake, or kimbly at (or following) a birth is an ancient one. Wives’ tales say that the scent of a groaning cake being baked in the birth house helps to ease the mother’s pain. Some say if a mother breaks the eggs while she’s aching, her labour won’t last … [Read more...]

Have You Read The Birth House by Ami McKay?

The reading group I belong to chose,  The Birth House by Ami McKay, as our book choice for October. Synopsis: The Birth House is the story of Dora Rare, the first daughter to be born in five generations of Rares. As a child in an isolated village in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to Miss Babineau, an outspoken Acadian midwife with a gift for healing. Dora becomes Miss B.’s apprentice, and together they help the women of Scots Bay through infertility, difficult labours, breech births, unwanted … [Read more...]

Fall Re-Start of Book Club ~ See Our Choices for 2013-2014

Fall has arrived in all it's magnificent glory!  I had mentioned this in an earlier post, but I really do believe, fall is one of, if not my favourite season of the year. The air is crisp and clean with no trace of oppressive heat or bitter cold. Maybe it is just me, but I think the sun shines more often in the autumn too.  The hustle, bustle and constant activity of the summer is just a fun memory.  Fall brings with it not only beautiful days but home gardens and Farmer's Markets bursting … [Read more...]

“Proof of Heaven” ~ Does Proof Exist?

Late one night a couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the Internet {no surprise to} and noticed a friend on Facebook asking for suggestions of a good book to read. Another friend of mine responded with, " have to read,  Proof of Heaven, it's amazing". … [Read more...]

Reading Group Choices ~ 2012 – 2013 {and our Format Outline}

Each year we meet the last Monday in August to discuss our Reading Group schedule for the coming year.  The way we usually work it is like this: We all come armed with a couple book choices, including a little bit about the books we would like to submit. … [Read more...]

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom {Book Club Selection}

I have recently started reading The Kitchen House by fellow Canadian, Kathleen Grissom; it is our book club selection for the month of June. I have not yet finished reading it, but I can tell you this; I have it on my Kobo Arc and the first time I picked it up I read 40% of the book!  I can barely wait to finish it, so far I have found it to be a fast-paced, heart stopping,  thought-provoking look at life on a tobacco plantation in the 1700's. … [Read more...]

One Thousand White Women ~ Our Book Clubs Choice for February

[Read more...]

The 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards – Have You Read Any?

I don't know about you, but I love to read!  I just received an e-mail announcing the winners of the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers and I wanted to share it with you.   There were 1,156,852 votes cast and below are the winners. I am a bit embarrassed to say I have only read one of these books, can you guess which one? What about you, have you read any of the books on this list?  If so, do you feel it deserves the award? UPDATE - May 16, 2016 I have … [Read more...]

Our Book Club’s Choice for November – Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

"Marion and Shiva Stone are twin brothers born of a secret union between a beautiful Indian nun and a brash British surgeon. Orphaned by their mother’s death and their father’s disappearance, bound together by a preternatural connection and a shared fascination with medicine, the twins come of age as Ethiopia hovers on the brink of revolution. Moving from Addis Ababa to New York City and back again, Cutting for Stone is an unforgettable story of love and betrayal, medicine and ordinary … [Read more...]

Our Book Club’s choice for June – Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I had a bit of a difficult time getting my hands on a copy of this book.  I wasn't going to shell out the cash for a hardcover, the trade paperback was sold out in my area and the paperback version wasn't due out until June 22nd. … [Read more...]