Maritime Mist Cocktail

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beer or a glass of wine; but, sometimes I want something a little special, like this Maritime Mist Cocktail. A couple of weeks ago, Music Man and I were in the kitchen, prepping Sunday dinner. We will often have a glass of wine while getting dinner ready. This week, I suggested we should make a fun cocktail instead and asked him if he was interested. Music Man laughed and said, "Sure, go for it".  I wasn't sure what we had on hand for … [Read more...]

Glazed Clementine Loaf

It seems that from December through much of the winter, clementines are in abundance. I can't go into my local grocery store without seeing a big display of this tasty, easily peeled fruit. Not only are clementines perfect in lunch boxes or as a midnight snack, they are also the perfect fruit to put in a citrus loaf. I have made my Mom's recipe for Lemon Bread for a hundred years. Not only is it simple to make and delicious, it turns out perfectly every time. My Mom died in January of … [Read more...]