Holiday Food Safety to Protect You, Those Pregnant and Your Entire Family From Foodborne Illnesses {Healthy Living}

Holiday Food Safety ~ The festive season is rapidly approaching, in fact it has arrived!  Accompanying this fun season is lots of baking, entertaining, and dinners with family and friends.  While it’s always important we all follow proper food safety steps, it’s especially important for women to pay close attention to food safety during pregnancy. To protect themselves and their unborn baby, pregnant women should follow the four key steps to food safety:  Cook; Clean; Chill and Separate.  These … [Read more...]


Last week I posted about food handling safety risks at home and how the four easy lessons of cleaning, separating, cooking and chilling can help prevent harmful bacteria from making your family sick. I thought, with the warm weather either already upon us or quickly approaching, it would be a good idea to look at each food handling lesson individually. … [Read more...]


The warm summer weather is quickly approaching and that means: picnics, barbecues and outdoor fun!  The last thing you want to have happen, is for yourself, or your family and friends to develop a food borne illness. … [Read more...]