13 Winter Emergency Preparedness Essentials ~ Are You Ready?

Is it just me, or are our winters becoming worse every year? Lately, it certainly has felt that way. Last year, here in Eastern Canada, we had a winter of epic proportions. From mid-January until the end of March, here in southern New Brunswick, we received more than 17 feet of snow. Yes, you read that correctly, 17 FEET! And this year, there was the recent massive snowstorm that paralyzed the eastern United States. Leaving in its wake, flooding, massive snowfall, power outages, travel … [Read more...]

161 Centimetres of Snow & Counting!

I have lived in Canada my entire life.  I know to expect lots of snow, it's Canada after all, we get snow.  But 161 centimetres in nine days... and counting, now that's ridiculous. I live in the Maritimes, not with Santa at the North Pole! There is a reason I titled this post, 161 Centimetres of Snow & Counting.  Yes, you guessed it.  Today, we are expecting to receive an additional 25 - 40 centimeters of snow.  That will bring the 12 day total to between 186 and 201 centimetres!  Any … [Read more...]