How to Organize a Garage/Yard Sale

C'mon, admit it, we all like a good garage/yard sale. Whether you are looking for something specific, like furniture; records; glassware; baby clothes; books or just maybe you go for the thrill of the hunt, the hope that you may find that undiscovered treasure! When my kids were in post-secondary education and setting up apartments, we found yard sales were fabulous for picking up kitchen ware, wall art, large pieces of furniture, rugs, televisions, lamps, hangers, a vacuum and the list goes … [Read more...]

Canada’s Largest Garage Sale and 25 Great Tips! {w/Giveaway}

My daughter and I have spent many a fun Saturday morning browsing the many garage sales in our neighbourhoods. I'm not exactly sure why I love them, but I do! I think it must be the thrill of the hunt. Finding that perfect painting, the piece of dishware you are missing, tools, books, furniture and the list goes on! A couple of years ago, my hubby and I were looking for a new table for our dining room. We saw that a home not far from us had lots of furniture for sale, so decided to check … [Read more...]