9 Ingenious Uses for White Vinegar

Most of us have vinegar around the house. White vinegar is a liquid consisting of about 5–20% acetic acid, water, and other trace chemicals, which may include flavorings. Although we often use it in the kitchen for baking, canning, cooking; vinegar is not just for use in the kitchen. It can also help with a variety of cleaning tasks since the acid acts as a disinfectant and an odor neutralizer. Even if you are familiar with using it, you may still be surprised at some of these nine … [Read more...]

19 Alternate Uses for Your Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer sheets aren't just for softening and reducing static in your clothes, bedding, and towels? I had used dryer sheets for a hundred years but had always tossed them out after one use. Not anymore! I've compiled a list of 19 alternate uses, tips and tricks for your laundry room's dryer sheets. Some are for unused dryer sheets, but many are for used dryer sheets. A great way to reduce, reuse and recycle! Freshen Old Books:  If some of your favourite old books … [Read more...]

Destination: Back to Campus {Plus #StudentLife Hack Contest & Twitter Party}

I lived at home, with my parents, while pursuing a post-secondary education so I didn't need to worry about purchasing such items as living room, kitchen and bedroom furniture, all the accessories, and everything needed to outfit a kitchen. However, our son and daughter did not live at home and were both faced with setting up an apartment. Fortunately, they both had roommates, which helped make an overwhelming task become a bit more manageable. Between two, three or four people, you can … [Read more...]