Loblaws Commit to Remove “every extra bit of sodium” from President’s Choice® line up!

Today's consumers, you and I, are very aware of the quality and nutritional value of the foods we eat.  Not only do we have the ability to "Google" anything we want to know, but, we also have valuable information, in the form of the Nutrition Facts, which is found on every packaged food we buy. It is now simple to find the amount per serving of fiber, sugar, sodium, vitamin A, fat...and much more, in any packaged food. It is at our fingertips, neatly laid out in the Nutrition Facts label.  It … [Read more...]

Loblaws Commitment to Sustainably Sourced Seafood

As many of you are aware, our marine environments are currently under immense stress. The problems arise primarily through human impact on the environment, such as over fishing and environmental destruction. (Photo Attribution) In the past, much of our seafood was obtained through irresponsible fishing practices that altered many marine ecosystems; this practice has resulted in record depleted stocks. “85 percent of the world’s fisheries are fished at or beyond their maximum sustainable … [Read more...]

Peter Cantley ~ VP Floral & Garden, Loblaws {Interview}

  I would like to introduce you to Peter Cantley, he is the Vice President Floral & Garden, Loblaws Companies Limited. I recently had the fun and unique opportunity to ask Peter a few gardening related interview questions and I want to share them here with you! … [Read more...]