Visit to the Winter Market and Lunch With My Sisters

Here on the east coast of Canada, our winters are always very, very long. Unless you are an avid outdoor activities enthusiast, it is often difficult to find something fun or interesting to do. I love going to our local Farmer's Markets in the summer months and now our neighbouring community has started a winter market too! The market is located inside one of the large greenhouses at Cedarcrest Gardens.  I thought this was such a fabulous use of a greenhouse the would otherwise, for the most … [Read more...]

Great Restaurants ~ #cbias Blog Tour

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Our Favourite Places to Eat {#cbias Restaurant Blog Tour}

Where do you like to go for a special "grown up" meal with your spouse, family or friends?  We all have a few little hidden gems in and around our communities, the places we go to when we want great atmosphere and delicious food. If your summer plans include a trip to southern New Brunswick, I am going to put you in the know and share some of my secret destinations with you! … [Read more...]