All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect

Some of the beautiful little kittens in the “Kitten Room” of our local SPCA/Animal Rescue. Anyone who knows me well, or who has read my blog or followed me on Facebook or Twitter, knows that I am a huge lover of animals. I have written a number of articles on various subjects related to the care and ethical treatment of animals. I firmly believe, All Animals Deserve Our Kindness and Respect. I am sure there are times when some people roll their eyes and think, “oh no, she’s at it again”. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Our Visit to the SPCA {w/Linky}

This Wordless Wednesday is a little wordy ~ My daughter and I recently went on a visit to our local SPCA to drop off a few items from their "wish list".  I had such mixed emotions during my visit.  I was very happy these innocent animals had been rescued, are safe and hopefully will soon be adopted by a loving  individual or family.  However, I was sickened that the need to rescue these poor little creatures from an abusive situation even exists! In my head I cannot even begin to fathom how … [Read more...]