A Trip to the Atlantic Superstore Flower Market

I recently went on an excursion to our local Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Limited (BTN); they are the supplier of tropical plants, perennials, evergreens, trees and shrubs found in the Atlantic Superstore Flower Market. Four other BTN locations across Canada supply the Flower Market for the other Loblaws chain of stores. A couple of weeks ago, I also had the unique opportunity to interview Peter Cantley, he is the Vice President Floral & Garden, Loblaws Companies Limited. I was able to ask … [Read more...]

Our Trip to Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Limited

This past Wednesday, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Brookdale Treeland Nurseries Limited (BTN) located near Sussex in New Brunswick. BTN is a wholesale operation and what you may not know is they supply tropical plants, perennials, evergreens, trees and shrubs found in our Atlantic Superstore Flower Markets. … [Read more...]

Real vs Artificial {Living Green}

Real vs Artificial ~ For many years I felt guilty buying a real tree. I felt I was, in essence, killing a living thing and depleting a much needed natural resource.  Deep down I knew most, if not all, tree growers practiced a one out, one in system to ensure a constant supply of trees, but, I was still racked with guilt. Every Dec 26th as I drove by the abandoned tree lots, as I gazed upon the unwanted and unloved carcasses left lying in the snow...I had to cover my ears in an attempt to … [Read more...]

Living Green, One Tip at a Time ~ Tip #3

Living Green, One tip at a Time -   Tip #3 -  Plant a Tree or Two or Three Tip #3 - Plant a Tree or Two or Three ~ Most of us know that planting trees can help the environment. Trees trap CO2 emissions, minimizing the effects of global warming. Did you know they also have many other beneficial effects such as:  cooling your home capturing dust particles from the air reducing noise pollution imparting beauty and serenity stabilizing soil and preventing runoff … [Read more...]