Wholly Guacamole and Salsa = Easy Entertaining!

Most of us need no reminder that the busiest entertaining season of the year is barreling down on us like a runaway train! There is no turning back and before we can blink, we will be inundated with parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends.  Whether they are staying for an hour or a few days, they will be looking forward to some tasty treats from our kitchen.  And, because it is the season of joy and good will toward men, we cannot  disappoint! Honestly, I love a "traditional" meal or snack as … [Read more...]

~ CLOSED ~ Wholly Guacamole & Beanitos to the rescue!

For many the back to school chaos has started; lessons, basketball, piano, soccer, cub scouts, choir, football, hockey, girl guides and the list goes on...!! Most are taxiing kids from one event to another and trying to balance all the activities with work, school and dinner.  On weeknights, no one has time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a nutritious and quick dinner.  Let Wholly Guacamole and Beanitos come to the rescue and save your back to school dinners!   … [Read more...]

Layered Mexican Dip {Recipe}

If you have a large family you had better double the recipe for this Layered Mexican Dip because it's going to disappear very quickly, it's that delicious! It's great made the night before, and while dinner is being prepared and the kids are doing homework, you can pop some Beanitos chips into a basket and grab this delicious dip from the fridge, I guarantee there will be no cries of "I'm hungry, when's dinner"?? … [Read more...]