We Have Been Given A Gift Of Time

Did you know that we have been given a gift of time? In case you thought it was just your imagination, it's not. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is considerably longer than winter. It’s true. I know, in the dead of winter it doesn’t always seem that way, but…take this year, for example, summer is almost a full five days longer than winter. And the really good news for all of us warm weather worshippers? Winter is getting shorter by one half-minute per year and will … [Read more...]

13 Winter Emergency Preparedness Essentials ~ Are You Ready?

Is it just me, or are our winters becoming worse every year? Lately, it certainly has felt that way. Last year, here in Eastern Canada, we had a winter of epic proportions. From mid-January until the end of March, here in southern New Brunswick, we received more than 17 feet of snow. Yes, you read that correctly, 17 FEET! And this year, there was the recent massive snowstorm that paralyzed the eastern United States. Leaving in its wake, flooding, massive snowfall, power outages, travel … [Read more...]

Visits From The Neighbourhood Deer

The area that I now live in, was not that long ago, fields, forest and a scattering of farms. When Music Man and I, more than 30 years ago, moved here from a neighbouring city, this community had a population of a little more than 10,000.  There was still acres and acres of dense forest and sprawling fields. Since we moved here, homes have popped up left, right and centre and we now live in a suburban community, with a population of roughly 30,000 residents. While the building lots are fairly … [Read more...]

Visit to the Winter Market and Lunch With My Sisters

Here on the east coast of Canada, our winters are always very, very long. Unless you are an avid outdoor activities enthusiast, it is often difficult to find something fun or interesting to do. I love going to our local Farmer's Markets in the summer months and now our neighbouring community has started a winter market too! The market is located inside one of the large greenhouses at Cedarcrest Gardens.  I thought this was such a fabulous use of a greenhouse the would otherwise, for the most … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Where is Spring? {w/LINKY}

Even though Spring officially begins in two days....where I live,  Mother Nature certainly did not get the memo! The temperature dropped to minus 16 degrees Celsius overnight and this is what it is looking like in my neck of the woods. No sign of Spring here!! Ice fishing on the Kennebecasis River The frozen Saint John River Ferry crossing the frozen Kennebecasis River … [Read more...]

We Owe it to Our Children to Bring Back Winter Play

Why We Need to Bring Back Winter Play and Encourage Active Transportation   We need to face facts, we now live in a society that is literally "driving" our kids to unhealthy habits.  While we have enjoyed the marvels of the 21st centuries, trying  to be perfect parents and wanting to protect our children at all costs, we have unwittingly instilled in them less active and potentially harmful activity habits. You know what our parents and grandparents used to always say, "...when I was … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Winter Fishing

Wordless Wednesday ~ I snapped these photos the same day I took the pictures of last weeks WW post of the Ice Fishing Village. … [Read more...]

Winter Safety Tips {Healthy Living}

Photo credit - Chris Sampson (CC) The first thing I need to say applies not only to winter safety, but to safety all year long. My mom drilled this into me when my kids were little, and I'm very happy she did!  Now I'm here to drill it into your head...Take the cords and drawstrings off your child's clothing. … [Read more...]

10 Tips for a Greener Fall (and Winter) {Living Green}

Photo credit - Muffinman 71xx (CC) I've been searching the web for some green tips for the fall and have come up with 10 great tips to share: … [Read more...]

~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Good-bye winter, Hello spring! {w/LINKY}

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