Top 5 Tips for Preventing the Spread of Influenza

We’re now well into the fall of the year, in fact, where I live it actually looks and feels more like winter! Although we still try to get out in the fresh air as often as possible, unfortunately, we’re not outside as much as we are in the warmer months.

Consequently, this is the time of the year when many of us are spending our days in enclosed spaces, such as classrooms, shopping malls and office buildings which makes us more susceptible to becoming sick with influenza and then bringing those germs home to our families.

So, is it inevitable that we will contract influenza?  No, it’s definitely not!  You’ll be happy to know, measures can be taken to decrease the likeliness of becoming an influenza victim.


1.) Eat well:

It’s important to make healthy food choices all year, but even more so during cold and flu season to make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs. Your body needs to be working at its best to fight off infection.

Not sure what you should be eating? Make an appointment with one of the in-store dietitians at your local Atlantic Superstore and you may also like to read my interview with an in-store dietitian that I wrote last flu season.

2.) Strengthen your immune system:

Getting adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours each night), drinking plenty of fluids (at least 8 glasses of water each day), eating healthy foods, and staying active will go a long way in staying healthy throughout the cold and flu season.

3.) Wash your hands:

To limit the spread of germs, wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Always wash with soap and water for 15 seconds to help avoid spreading and picking up germs. (I tell my family to silently sing the “Happy Birthday” song and when you’re done, the 15 seconds will be up.)

4.) Know when to stay home:

Know when a fever is too high and make sure to stay home if your temperature passes 100 degrees. Remember you should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to work or school.

5.) Get the flu shot:

This is the most important tip of all! No matter what, the flu shot needs to be part of your influenza prevention plan.  It’s your first defence against the flu and depending on how well the vaccine is matched to this year’s common viruses, 70-90 percent of flu cases can be averted through vaccination. You don’t need an appointment, just stop by the pharmacy at any Atlantic Superstore to get your flu shot without an appointment!

Remember, to stay on top of cold and flu season, stock up on foods that contain nutrients which contribute to good overall and immune health and most importantly, be sure to head over to your local Atlantic Superstore to get the flu shot. Visit to learn more about the services your local Superstore offers.


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  1. http://Soozle says

    Hand sanitizer tops the list as prevention is the best key to staying healthy! I also have cold medication for when it does hit

  2. http://wendy%20hutton says

    we usually take vitamins C & D, drink plenty of fluids, chicken soup and rest.

  3. Our Flu FIghter Pack is getting the shot for the strain of the year, but if we end up sick anyway, Miso Soup, Ricola, and heat pads. :)
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted…The Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide GiveawayMy Profile

  4. http://409cope says

    We like to take Vitamin C for prevention and have chicken soup and crackers when the flu hits.

  5. http://Erin%20N says

    We take vitamins like C and D to prevent sicknesses like the flu. Lets hope we all stay healthy this Christmas! Happy Holidays to you and your family <3

  6. EMERGEN c or similar vitamin c supplement .. Some times we have coldfx, and other vitamins.

  7. http://Wendy%20Jensen says

    Our ultimate flu fighter pack is cold FX and of course a lot of vitamin C.

  8. http://Marilyn says

    Fresh fruits, lots of water and a multi vitamin and getting the flu shot

  9. http://krista%20gould says

    Hand sanitizer and wipes we have to be very careful as my 1 year old granddaughter has CF so flu shots is a must also and vitamins

  10. Kleenex,oranges,sunshine,water is our flu kit.

  11. http://Jennifer%20Wilson says

    We have tissues, hand sanitizer, vitamin c tablets, Tylenol, throat lozenges and chicken noodle soup.

  12. http://elaing8 says

    Washing hands and sanitizer. Eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids. If we do get sick cold and flu meds,chicken soup and lots of rest.

  13. http://Kim%20Tanti says

    We usually use lemon and ginger to fight the flu. Cook with alot of garlic.

  14. http://Ryan%20little says

    Apple cider vinegar

  15. http://Karyn%20D%20OConnor says

    We use vitamin C, take Echinchea, and stay home get lots of rest.

  16. http://Cheryl%20G. says

    SLEEP! Hand washing and lots of healthy food. 1000 mg of Vitamin C and drink Lemon, Ginger and Honey tea.

  17. http://Sylvie%20dugas says

    Green tea and lemon

  18. http://Linda%20Abrams says

    we find drinking tea the best

  19. Our flu fighter pack is homemade chicken soup, natural honey, vitamins and plenty of fluids.
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  20. http://Bailey%20Wilson says

    Water, sleep, and echinacea have helped keep our bugs minor.

  21. http://Elizabeth%20R says

    Drinking lots of water and making sure to keep up with hand washing.

  22. http://Anna%20C says

    Great article! A big yes to number 3! So many people overlook having good hand hygiene. Such a simple yet incredibly effective means.

  23. http://Amy%20Heffernan says

    Cough medicine and cough drops!

  24. http://Jodie says

    Always hand sanitizers & I always have ingredients to make homemade chicken soup!!

  25. http://kristen%20visser says

    kleenex, cough medicine, halls, water and sleep

  26. http://Rachel%20Plouffe says

    Ginger tea

  27. http://Jenny%20Major says

    We do lots of hand washing!!

  28. http://nicolthepickle%20(Nicole%20Graham) says

    Tea, vitamin c and lots of oranges.

  29. http://Jenness%20M says

    Vitamin C, hand sanitizer and a good nights sleep!

  30. http://Bonnie says

    Take vitamins and get a flu shot

  31. http://Kitsa says

    Assorted Organic Vitamins

  32. http://Sarah says

    Tissues, hand sanitizer, and lots of rest. Thanks!

  33. http://Doreen%20Lamoureux says

    Always remembering to wash our hands when we get in the house, we also have hand sanitizer in the house and in our car and in my purse. Trying to remember not to touch your eyes , nose , mouth and ears when out and about. We use a good flu and cold medicine to help reduce symptoms as well… when we do get sick.

  34. http://Michelle%20W says

    Vitamin C, plenty of water, fruits and veggies, tissues, Benylin One All in One.

  35. http://Rachel says

    Vitamins, staying hydrated and washing our hands

  36. http://Yan%20Deng says

    washing our hands and vit C

  37. http://Marsha%20Arditti says

    cough medicine and cough drops

  38. http://Carol%20M says

    Hand sanitizer for when I can’t wash my hands. And a flu shot.

  39. http://Tainan%20Lu says

    Our ultimate flu fighter pack is vitamin C.

  40. http://Florence%20Cochrane says

    We got the flu shot. We keep take vitamins daily. We keep cold medications and wipes on hand.

  41. ultimate flu fighter pack includes hand washing and coughing in sleeve

  42. Hand sanatizer and the flu shot

  43. http://Jenn says

    Plenty of water and electrolytes, humidifier, tissue, cough drops, hand sanitizer, and oregano essential oil.

  44. http://crystal%20parsons says

    Orange juice so plenty of vitamin C

  45. http://Jonnie says

    Hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, vitamins, water and exercise.

  46. http://Sarabeth%20W says

    Vitamin C and Water

  47. http://Donna%20L. says

    Vitamin C, cold medicine, Chicken soup.

  48. http://Alison%20Braidwood says

    Chewable vitamin c and zinc lozenges. Lots of liquids, and rest.

  49. http://Allison says

    Ginger and lemon. Makes teas that help with everything.

  50. http://Erica%20Seaman says

    Lots of rest, lots of water and a daily cinnamon supplement.

  51. http://HEIDI%20C. says

    Vitamin C, Halls’ Cough Drops, Saline Spray, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Humidifier, Vicks’ VapoRub, Nyquil (for Mommy) and Chicken Soup at the ready!

  52. http://Debbie%20White-Beattie says

    I keep Vitamin C, echinacea, cough syrup and hand sanitizer

  53. http://Katy%20Emanuel says

    Elderberry syrup is our number 1 go to for cold and flu. For congestion I also use sage and lemon balm.

  54. http://Alisa%20Petrisch says

    Washing our hands, oregano oil drops and vitamin C does wonders for us.

  55. http://Harvinderks says

    Washing hands, using sanitizer and getting the flu shot.

  56. http://Sandra%20F says

    Neocitran, Tylenol, hand sanitizer and vitamins.

  57. http://Lynda%20Cook says

    First off we get our flu shot and I haven’t had the flu for over 8 years now, but throughout the winter months i will keep hand sanitizer and wipes on hand and we also take a daily vitamin

  58. http://Belinda%20McNabb says

    We get the flu shot but we also make sure to wash our hand often, hand sanitizer, vitamin c and plenty of rest

  59. http://Susanne%20McCarthy says

    Vitamin C…lots of water to stay hydrated and LOTS of hand washing or sanitizer when we are out of the house!

  60. http://Sherry%20Clark says

    Flu shot, neti pot, wash, wash the hands

  61. http://Sherry%20K says

    Hand washing and making sure our hands are away from our faces.

  62. oregano oil drops and vitamin C

  63. we have oregano oil drops and vitamin C

  64. http://Maritess%20S says

    We take our daily dose of multivitamin for that extra energy and protection.

  65. http://Carolle%20H says

    A lA lot of sleep and vitamins help a lot

  66. http://ivy%20pluchinsky says

    Our ultimate flu fighter pack consists of vitamins, hand sanitizer, tea, and drinking lots of water

  67. http://Brenda%20Witherspoon-Bedard says

    Ours is hand washing and vitamin c

  68. Lots of fluids, plenty of rest, wash your hands and cough and sneeze into a kleenex or your elbow not your hands

  69. http://andrea%20amy says

    vitamin C, gingerale, vapour rub, fresh water, and fresh produce.

  70. Kleenex, cold and hot packs, warm blankets, tea, fuzzy socks, peppermint oil.

  71. http://Kimberley says

    Handwashing, lots of water, Sambucol and sleep are our go to flu fighters.

  72. http://Krista%20M says

    Soup broth, electrolyte powder, vitamin C, humidifier, & saltine crackers are in our kit.

  73. http://Glogirl says

    Our flu fighter pack is Vitamin C, Cod liver oil, frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.

  74. http://Tina%20L. says

    Hand washing, vitamins, soup and rest

  75. http://sabina%20edwards says

    I get the free flu shot every year (Why on earth wouldnt you ? lol) and I make sure I take care of my self,w ith plenty of sleep and if I do feel like somethings coming on, I have chewable vit c

  76. http://Julie%20Bolduc says

    Vitamin c and b12 are in my flu fighting

  77. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    We take daily vitamins (multi, C & D), eat healthy, wash & sanitize hands, stay hydrated, sleep 8 hours/day.

  78. http://Viv%20Sluys says

    We try to get outside lots when we feel sickness coming. Lots of fresh air and walks. Then when we’re back indoors we eat lots of fruits and veggies.

  79. http://tracy%20k says

    chicken noodle soup and vitamin c

  80. http://Piroska says

    There is Vicks Vapo Rub, Vitamin C, Echinachea Tea, Honey, Lemons, Chicken Noodle Soup, Tylenol, Kleenex.

  81. Rest and Amazon video and fruit see

  82. http://Linda says

    My family uses fresh garlic to fight colds and flus.

  83. http://kathy%20downey says

    My family’s ultimate flu fighter pack proper rest,exercise and healthy eating !

  84. http://Mandy says

    To fight the flu, my family gets the flu vaccination, drink lots of hot water with lemon, take vitamin c, and wash our hands a lot.

  85. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    Handwashing and taking extra vit C and D.

  86. http://Hill%20Elizabeth%20Karen says

    Chicken noodle soup and kleenex

  87. http://MaryG says

    Vitamin C, soups and plenty of rest is how we manage at our home.

  88. http://Monique%20L.S. says

    Mostly handwashing well with liquid soap, extra sleep and load up on the vitamin c.

  89. http://Carey%20Hurst says

    We just make sure to drink tons of water , have some extra vitamin C make sure to soak up Vitamin d when we can , def need sanitizer .

  90. http://sarah%20alexis says

    Gosh I’m not sure we have one! I guess rest and blankets and tissues and pain killers and decongestants and … sleep?

  91. http://Carole%20D says

    Our flu fighter pack is homemade chicken soup, tissues, lots of rest, citrus fruits and plenty of fluids.

  92. http://Lynn%20Duchesne says

    My flu fighter package includes hot lemon, ginger and honey warm drink. Oregano oil, probiotic and oscillo pellets immediately when the flu hits taken for 3 days morning and evening under the tongue. It works for me every time instead of the flu shot. Plenty of rest and homemade chicken soup.

  93. http://yvonne says

    Vitamin C and garlic…I put it in everything! Also, ensuring that there’s enough rest and fluids during the season. Happy holidays!

  94. http://Silvia%20D says

    Our Flu FIghter Pack is getting the shot , homemade hot chicken soup with lots of garlic in it, tissues, hot lemon and honey tea. lots of sleep and a warm soft blanket

  95. http://Sunshine%20G says

    Lots of sleep, the flu shot, vitamin C and vaseline for chapped noses!

  96. Chicken soup with plenty of herbs, chicken meat, vegetable, and pasta to provide the energy and nutrients to help anyone who is stick get better.

  97. http://Becky%20Best says

    In our flu fighter pack we have, Cold FX, Zinc lozenges, Tylenol and disinfectant wipes! :)

  98. http://marcie says

    chicken soup, orange juice, vitamins and plenty of rest

  99. http://Carol%20McCann says


  100. we have emergen C packs that we take

  101. http://SweetPanda says

    Our fighter pack is Vitamin C, lots of water and wash hands frequently

  102. http://leana says

    Good old fashion hand washing and zinc lozengers!

  103. http://Stephanie says

    Kleenex, vitamins, tea, and cold medicine!

  104. http://cheryl%20hodgkins says

    Saline nasal spray, lots of kleenex, gravol, tylenol, black currant losenges and a vaporizer

  105. http://Katrina says

    Water bottles are our go to. Being hydrated helps.

  106. http://Erika%20Letson says

    Hand sanitizer, lots of vitamin C and peppermint tea!

  107. http://Emily%20B says

    Flu shots for everyone, elderberry chews for the kids if they start to show signs of sickness. Lots of tissues on hand and hand washing is a must!

  108. http://Josh%20S says

    vitamins, hand sanitizer, and tea

  109. http://Heather%20Sibley says

    We have tissues, cold & flu meds, cough drops, saline nasal spray and neocitran on hand.

  110. http://tanyab79 says

    Vitamin C and sanitizer is our pack. We are really strong on Vitamins and drink plenty of water.

  111. http://Amy%20C says

    We have hand sanitizer, Kleenex and chicken noodle soup.

  112. A great article! The content is really helpful. I would definitely share it with my friends and the one who really needs it.
    Brenda recently posted…Essential Oils to AvoidMy Profile

  113. http://Deb%20Dorrington says

    Cold FX, vitamins C&D and washing hands frequently. We also all get the flu shot to ward off catching the flu.

  114. http://Nicole%20Bonomo says

    Washing your hands after every cough and sneeze, using hand sanitizer when going out to eat. Lots of kleenex, homemade veggie soup, and Buckleys.

  115. http://Karla%20Sceviour says

    We make sure to wash our hands all the time, and drink plenty of orange juice when sick or starting to feel sick!

  116. http://melissa%20marie says

    we have nyquil, vicks, advil and hand cleaner

  117. http://Lilac says

    Vitamin C and colloidal silver

  118. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    We have Nyquil and Vicks rub.

  119. chicken soup and ginger tea

  120. http://Wanda%20B says

    Hot chicken noodle soup is our number one flu and cold fighter.

  121. http://Maryanne says

    Vitamin C, lots of fluids and extra sleep!

  122. http://Kristy%20R says

    Soap is the #1 must have item for fighting influenza. Washing alone isn’t enough. A good multivitamin and lots of sleep is really important too.

  123. http://Yuen%20C says

    Vitamin C and cold fx is the mostly what we use.

  124. http://Catherine%20Matte says

    We wash our hands, we sleep a lot, go to bed early, we eat well with a tons of onions, garlic and ginger and we drink a lot ot ecchinaccea tea!

  125. http://Amie says

    Kleenex , hand sanitizer , soap , soup , vitamins , and healthy food !

  126. http://lynn%20clayton says

    we use hand sanitizer we sneeze in elbows and we wash our hands often

  127. http://crystal%20porter says

    Vitamin c and sanitizer, oil of oregano

  128. http://Londia says

    We take vitamin C and try to get plenty of sleep. Washing of hands or hand sanitizer. Also getting the flu shot

  129. http://Donnas says

    Tissues, hand sanitizer, vitamin C, lozenges,

  130. I use Oil of Oregano at the first sign of a cough or cold.

  131. Definitely vitamin C, chicken noodle soup, hand sanitizer, honey, and oregano oil.

  132. http://LILLIAN%20BROWN says

    hand sanitizers, vitamin c, lozenges are kept on hand this time of the year

  133. http://mrdisco says

    good quality soap. nothing beats frequent hand washing

  134. http://Barb%20W says

    Soap for handwashing!

  135. http://Gord says

    Firstly we frequently wash our hands or use a hand sanitizer. Using tissues for coughing and sneezing into. Plenty of water and bed rest when sick. Lozenges with active ingredients to help with a sore throat. A humidifier when necessary.

  136. http://Jenny%20B says

    Our flu fighter pack has oil of oregano honey, vitamins, water, hand sanitizer, and tissue.

  137. Sinus Rinses and vitamins. Honey in tea and lots of fruit.

  138. http://maria says

    Hand sanitizer and vitamin c

  139. http://Cathy%20Oppedisano says

    Elderberry supplements are in my natural medicine cabinet.

  140. http://Rhonda says

    We always get our flu shot! Lots of handwashing…I think oregano oil helps too.

  141. http://Gillian%20Morgan says

    Water, tea, popsicles, cold medicine, and tissues.

  142. http://Carla%20B says

    lots of liquids – water, tea, orange juice, chicken noodle soup

  143. http://darci%20paice says

    We wash our hands, we rest and drink plenty of fluids.

  144. Wash your hands over and over

  145. http://Christine%20Faria says

    Def hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes!

  146. http://Nicole%20Jubleew says

    Oil of Oregano, Zinc lozenges, and Vit C.

  147. http://Alayne%20Langford says

    We use hand sanitizer, vitamins, soups, honey and the flu shot!

  148. http://Tracy%20D says

    Staying healthy, lots of water, and hand washing!

  149. We have taught ourselves to keep our hands away from our faces when we are out. When we come home, the first thing we do is wash our hands with hot water and soap. I did not realize how much we touched our face until we started to consciously not do it. You really have to concentrate not to touch your face. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  150. http://JulieLynne%20McCann says

    Vitamins, lots of fruit & veggies, sleep and wash yout hands a hundred times a day!

  151. http://Rebecca says

    Vitamin C, herbal tea, honey, cough medicine and tissue.

  152. http://Patrick%20Siu says

    We like to take Vitamin C and eat lots of fruits

  153. http://Tara%20Gauthier says

    Our flu fighting regimen is lots of hand washing, vitamins, staying hydrated!

  154. http://Jill%20MacAulay says

    Keep your hands clean, vitamins and plenty of rest !

  155. http://Angie says

    Lots of sleep, fluids and healthy meals

  156. http://Julie%20Barrett says

    Eat healthy, exercise, vitamins and wash hands thoroughly

  157. http://Julie%20Barrett says

    Eat healthy, exercise, take vitamins and wash hands thoroughly

  158. Vitamin C and some medication, also tea!~

  159. http://Tina%20F says

    We take Vitamin C for prevention, wash our hands all the time, and eat healthy meals.

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