The Twisted Sisters Visit Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

My sisters and I recently went on a little weekend getaway.  Our last trip together had been this past July, when we went on our annual camping adventure to New River Beach Provincial Park . And…we were feeling the need for some more sisters time!

We rented a little cottage in New Horton, New Brunswick, packed our coolers and suitcases and were on our way.  We only had a couple of days together so did not want to travel far, so we decided to explore the Fundy coast.  Cape Enrage is about two hours from our homes.

Cape Enrage

On our last morning, we got up early to sip coffee and watch the sun rise over the misty waters.

Of the three of us, only one had previously been to Cape Enrage, on New Brunswick’s Fundy coast. So that was a must see.  Isn’t it odd how people will travel hundreds and thousands of miles to visit a place, yet, this was literally at our backdoor, yet two of the three of us had never been there.

Side note – this area of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve was featured in a recent episode of the Amazing Race Canada!

The Bay of Fundy is one of the Marine Wonders of the World with tides rising as much as 16.3m (53 vertical feet) over a 12-hour period twice each day!

If you are not familiar with the hauntingly gorgeous Fundy coast, few places on Earth are as awe-inspiring as New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy.

Some Cape Enrage facts:

Cape Enrage

  • Cape Enrage is under the umbrella of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve and is located about a one hours drive south of Moncton, N.B..
  • it is a rocky headland jutting seven and a half kilometers out into the uppermost Bay of Fundy. It offers one of the most phenomenal views of the Bay of Fundy, including a unique point of view to experience the world’s highest tides, from atop of its spectacular cliffs.
  • Cape Enrage gets its name from the bay-funneled winds that often strike the cape full force, especially when the dominant south-westerly summer winds are at work or certain storm systems track up the bay.
  • Complimenting the amazing views, the rock formation that comprises the Cape could be characterized as a “really big fossil”. The individual fossils at Cape Enrage are contained in successive beds of sedimentary rock that were laid down approximately 320 million years ago!
  • It is illegal to remove fossils from the beach under the New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act.
  • This site also has a rich human history; it has been a light station and fog alarm since 1838; the current light tower, still operational, is over 150 years old!

Cape Enrage

The still working, Cape Enrage lighthouse. You can also see the zip line landing platform.

Honestly, I almost didn’t include this photo. I didn’t feel it when I was there, but this photo makes the site seem a bit commercial.

 I changed my mind because, although this is a bit of a money-making venture, all proceeds of this and other activities (including admission) go directly to maintain the site. Plus, there may well be many who would never have seen this natural wonder, if it weren’t for the activities.

What to do at Cape Enrage:

OK, I’m going to tell you right up front, I feel like a bit of a failure. I did not rappel the rocks or go on the zip line.  Honestly though, I would have gone on the zip line if I could have talked even one of my sister into joining me.  (That’s a bit of a lame excuse, isn’t it!) But the rappelling…yeah…I would require a lot more convincing and need to be in much better shape, to even consider doing that…lol!

Cape Enrage

A gorgeous view, as seen from the Cape Enrage lighthouse.

Cape Enrage

A young boy zip lining at Cape Enrage.  He and his mom, dad and two other brothers each went three times!  I’m such a wimp.

Cape Enrage

The very vertical descent to the beach where you can look for fossils and watch the rappellers!

Cape Enrage

There is plenty to do at Cape Enrage:

  • AWESOME photo opps
  • Search for fossils on Barn Marsh Island Beach
  • Zip Lining

  • Rappelling – two-hour guided session and all equipment
  • Rock Climbing – two-hour guided session and all equipment

Check out these videos showing the zip lining and rappelling…did I mention it is a sheer 142 foot drop to the beach?

Yeah! I definitely will need more intestinal fortitude for that adventure.

Cape Enrage also offers Group Adventures  (Hmmm…wonder if the book club I belong to would be open to this…I’m thinking…maybe??) such as:

  • Obstacle Course
  • High School Challenge
  • Initiative Games
  • Custom Adventures for Groups

There is also a little gift shop and if you have worked up an appetite, a great little restaurant where I had a glass of wine and the best corn chowder ever.

My sisters and I spent a great few hours here and I would love to go back again soon.  Next time I am definitely going on the zip-line!

Have you ever been to Cape Enrage or any part of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve?

What about zip lining and rappelling, have you done either of these?

Some information, as well as, and the map image and videos contained in this post were obtained from the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and Cape Enrage websites.



  1. Awesome pictures and write up…. I now know I would love to explore there as well. It is obvious the three of you had a marvelous time.

  2. I agree that this is a really strong write-up. The background information and the maps really help to visualize the trip and your personal stories about how you felt about zip-lining and rappelling were really interesting!



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