Where Did the Summer Go?

Where did this summer go? It seems May was just a couple of weeks ago and I can hardly believe it is now September!

Although we didn’t do any major travelling, this was an awesome summer! The weather cooperated and with the exception of a few brutally humid days, it was perfect.


Not a great photo at all, but our daughter grabbed a selfie of us. This was the first time in more than two years that we had all been together!

Our son (a teacher) was home for the majority of the summer, which was a real treat for us…and hopefully for him too! Our daughter, who lived for two years in a tiny community an hours drive north of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory recently moved “home” and now lives only an hours drive away…which feels like next door compared with where she was!  So, we were all able to get together quite a few times this summer!  It felt like the “old days” when they both lived at home ❤️.


Jarod’s birthday!

We had lots of family meals together and a few “late nights” sitting on the deck, talking until the wee hours. There were birthdays celebrated, campfires, guitar playing, singing, day trips, and dinners with friends and family. I even managed our annual sister getaway to the beach for a couple of days.

Oh yes, and we also moved a couple of weeks ago, but that’s another story…lol!


The view from our accommodations at our sister’s getaway!

The only negative to all the family time is when summer ends, kids go back home and life returns to “normal”. It does take a few days to adjust to a quieter life, both for us, and I’m pretty sure for them too.

Even though, dropping our son at the airport for his trip back home always leaves an ache in our hearts…it is totally worth it to spend the time together. Plus, our other baby, our daughter, is now just an hour away, so we are fortunate to be able to see her fairly often!

New River Beach…my happy place!

How was your summer? Did you do anything exciting, visit some place spectacular or spend some fun time with family and friends?

Tell me all about it, I would love to hear about your summer!




  1. http://kathy%20downey says

    It so amazing to get together with family and friends,summer went by way too fast!

  2. http://Soozle says

    I agree summer went by WAAAAAAAY too quickly! I feel I didn’t get enough in sadly :(

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