~ CLOSED ~ $450 CDN #BlizzardBucks Giveaway, Open WW, Ends 12/4

I don’t know about you, but I am already starting to stress over the upcoming holidays. There is always so much to do!

Between buying gifts for everyone on our list, entertaining, lots of big dinners and special treats; cash will be flying out of my wallet faster than a runaway train.

If you’re in the same situation and will be going through cash at an alarming rate, do I have the perfect giveaway for you!


A group of 27 bloggers, including me, have banded together to lighten the financial load for one very lucky person!

We are giving the winner of this #BlizzardBucks giveaway a very cool $450 CDN paid out via PayPal…how awesome is that! Just think of all the gifts and goodies you could get with $450.00!


WIN – $450 CAD #BlizzardBucks paid via PayPal (If you are the winner, you need to have a PayPal account to accept the prize.)

DATES – Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM ET on December 4, 2017.

ELIGIBILITY – Open Worldwide (void where prohibited)

TERMS & CONDITIONS – On Rafflecopter widget.

TO ENTER – Using the Rafflecopter form below, simply follow the instructions, complete the mandatory entry, (which unlocks the optional entries), plus any or all the optional entries for your chance to win this prize!

Best of luck everyone!

If you win this awesome giveaway, how will you spend your #BlizzardBucks?


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  1. Elizabeth R says

    My Christmas shopping will get a lot easier with $450 Blizzard Bucks.

  2. Linda Beaton says

    Christmas presents!

  3. Nicole Mcardle says

    It would make it easier shopping online with Blizzard Bucks

  4. Heather Bokanoski says

    Happy Holidays everyone! I’d love to buy my son clothes, good luck to you all!

  5. I’ll spend it towards an iPad for my wife.

  6. Christmas shopping! That would purchase presents for a lot of people on my Christmas list.

  7. i would get a snow blower

  8. Could really use this for a GoPro

  9. Chantelle Daigle says

    Groceries and catching up bills! Plus a few treats for mama, surely ;)

  10. Heather Thomson says

    I would put it towards tuition or maybe a shopping spree

  11. Travel, my favorite thing.

  12. This would be for holiday travel!

  13. Birdie Skolfield says

    I need brakes redone on my car so thats what Id use the Blizzard Bucks on

  14. I would use it to buy presents. Maybe even a little something for myself.

  15. Definitely for Christmas presents, spending my first christmas in almost 20 years with my family, very excited!

  16. Sarah Hayes says

    Id love to use this to buy groceries

  17. Kirsty Webb says

    Buy some amazing extra gifts for my family and friends. Also a little something for myself

  18. Less Holiday Stress … for the winner .

  19. I would use it to put towards some winter tires.

  20. Irene Lirette says

    I would definitely use it for Christmas! It would be a huge blessing. Thanks for the chance! :)

  21. I’d spend my winnings on Christmas gifts!

  22. Jade Brookes says

    Amazing giveaway. I don’t have a fridge at the minute so would be lovely to eventually get one x

  23. kait Bruner says

    I would definitely spend my winnings on Christmas Gifts. The extra money would allow me yo do a little bit more for all of my family members and friends who do so much much for me!!

  24. Christine Labelle says

    I would use it for the holidays. With four kids, any little bit helps.

  25. Juliee Fitze says

    I would buy a few gifts for my grown son that wants a PS4.

  26. Morgan Stewart says

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my parents!

  27. doug gerard says

    my mom need a new bedroom set, that’s what I’d get

  28. courtney hennagir says

    I would put it towards my car payment and finally be done with it!

  29. I would be able to start making My time lapse film of My home town of Southend on Sea.

  30. I’d treat my mum with it! and maybe a little something for myself…maybe ;)

  31. Roy Hamaura says

    See my optometrist & buy a new pair of glasses.

  32. We would use it for our four children for Christmas and to find gifts for other children to pay it forward.

  33. I would spend on visiting family for the holidays

  34. Nigel Soper says

    Christmas Presents of course

  35. Tara Darity says

    I would buy my family Christmas presents!!

  36. i will spend it to buy Christmas gifts for my family and save some for my schooling

  37. I will buy some new clothing for my husband and kids. They are so due for new outfits.

  38. I would hopefully put it towards things for a future trip with my girlfriend.

  39. Iron Maiden tickets as they’ve just announced a bunch of tour dates for next year!

  40. I would put this in my daughters savings and use it to pay her schools expenses through the year! Lunch, replacements uniforms, shoes etc.

  41. summer forsythe says

    I would use for Christmas presents for my daughter!

  42. I’d buy a new laptop.

  43. I really want to win!

  44. Donald Santos says

    Christmas gifts for my girlfriend who takes care of me

  45. Saegan Anderson says

    I’d spend it at the spa #BlizzardBucks

  46. marlene mcglothlin says

    I would spend it on my grandbabies

  47. I would use it towards Christmas gifts.

  48. erin mcsweeney says

    oh for Christmas gifts for sure

  49. Sue McCarthy says

    It would come in very handy as I am unemployed at the moment

  50. i’m a firm believer in self indulgence! it’s for me, me, me!

  51. Pam Halligan says

    I would put Blizzard Bucks towards our family vacation.

  52. to buy my daughters grand mother and great grand mother a pampered day-cation as a thank you for helping me raise my daughter when they didn’t necessarily have the means to

  53. Melissa Fowers says

    I would buy Christmas gifts for my kids.

  54. I would use it to help with Christmas presents.

  55. I would put it towards house renovations; we just bought a new house with a kitchen that is unusable!

  56. Alicia Mason says

    I would spoil my mom with Christmas gifts this year. She really deserves it. #BlizzardBucks

  57. I would pay off Christmas expenses

  58. Actually, I don’t have a PayPal account to accept the prize so, if I win, the money will go straight into my son’s PayPal account. He’s working his way through college so he needs the money more than I do.

  59. I would use it for Christmas of course.

  60. Angela September Smith says

    wow this is HUGE!!
    If I won I would use the money on a new snowsuit for my son, plus a new phone as mine is complete garbage!

  61. I would use this to buy groceries.

  62. the groceries needed for the upcoming holidays. thanks

  63. I’m expecting my first grandchild so I would buy what my daughter needs for the baby.

  64. Karla Sceviour says

    I would put it towards a new skidoo!

  65. I would get a new Snowblower so I don’t have to shovel this year!


  67. I would spend it for my daughter’s 21st birthday which is in December.Thank you for the chance


  69. Patti Challis says

    I would make sure my husband has a warm winter coat and shoes to wear for the winter months.

  70. Paula Subity says

    would go towards bringing my sisters home for the holidays.

  71. Renee Lacasse says

    Travel, my favorite thing.

  72. Xmas presents, for sure!

  73. I would spend the money on xmas gifts for my family!

  74. shane smith says

    if we win we will put the money towards a foozeball table for our basement

  75. As a single mom on mat leave the blizzard bucks would make christmas shopping so much easier!

  76. Jeanna Massman says

    I would buy something special for my grandson.

  77. Definitely for Christmas Presents

  78. This would really take the pressure off and give us a great Christmas, I would buy presents for my boys and family. Thank you all for the chance to win this amazing giveaway

  79. I would buy some Christmas gifts!

  80. I would use it for foods, groceries and all of the needed snacks needed for the special Christmas holiday events and visits.

  81. I’ll spend it towards an iPad

  82. I will spend it on some new clothes for my new job.

  83. Ginger Gervais says

    If I won I would spend it on all the books my kids would love. As well as a few for myself.

  84. Happy Holidays, amazing giveaway! I would love to win to by my beloved other half a VR!

  85. Edna Williams says

    My Christmas shopping! Happy Holidays!

  86. it would be awesome to be able to use it to buy groceries, pay the electric bill and put gas in the car….quite a huge help it would definitely be!! good luck to everyone, and thank you 27 bloggers for putting this awesome giveaway together!

  87. Christina T says

    It would go towards our christmas shopping and for our trip to my brother’s house for Christmas this year.

  88. I will spend my bucks by shopping on eBay.

  89. Jackie Hammond says

    Xmas gifts for our baby girl!

  90. I will spend it on Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

  91. This would get my daughter a laptop!

  92. I would get all my Christmas Shopping done without any bills that would be great

  93. On christmas gifts

  94. I would use it to catch up on some bills that I have set aside while Christmas shopping!

  95. I’m also thinking of using it for the still missing Christmas gifts ~

  96. Crystal Gothard says

    I certainly would use it for Christmas gifts! I want to get my dad a DNA kit, it’s something he keeps saying he wants to get, but hasn’t been able to afford it. And I’d like to get my baby’s fathers car fixed(well, get the part it needs) and of course I’d love to get my baby something he can learn from and enjoy. Maybe a kitchen set or one of those little red cars we all had as kids…I also want to get my guy friend, sister, and a couple other friends something nice.☺

  97. laurie damrose says

    I would buy xmas gifts fr the family.

  98. I’d spend mine on the whole family.

  99. Lucian Doru Cornea says

    If i win i will buy christmas presents

  100. I would save it
    To invest in my future home

  101. new phone lol, because my phones kinda sucks rn.

  102. Intan Hisham says

    Hoping to win,so generous of you <3

  103. I would use it to pay my college fee

  104. If i win thie prize, i would spend it buying presents for my family and friends, i dont have too much money for it right now and it would help me a lot. Thank you and best of luck to everyone. Happy Holidays!

  105. Gordana Bađun says

    Christmas gifts for my Family and Friend

  106. Jessica Whitehouse says

    I would use this to buy gifts for my kids and to catch up on the bills.

  107. I’ll probably add it to my ‘getting a new PC’ funds, because this one is older than most Disney channel actors!!

  108. I would be delighted to shower my babies with gifts!

  109. Doreen Lamoureux says

    I am thinking a camera lense. But we wiil see. Sometimes a good sale will change my mind.

  110. bogdan sebastian says

    go in vacation

  111. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I will use the money to buy Christmas gifts and feel so grateful for having it to do so with. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  112. Caryn Coates says

    I would use it towards Christmas gifts

  113. I would use the money for gifts and a simple dinner. Thanks!

  114. Rodrigo Santalla says

    Hope I win!

  115. I would spend #BlizzardBucks to buy and plant a few new trees and plants in our garden

  116. If I win, I’ll probably put my #BlizzardBucks towards a new laptop!

  117. What a generous giveaway! If I win, I would buy Christmas gifts.

  118. Kerrie Hannon says

    I would share the holiday love!!!

  119. Samantha Peres says

    i want products disney!! my dream!!

  120. I would absolutely spend on Christmas Gifts and my Birthday in January (: to go out with friends.

  121. going to pay off some debt, and hopefully get a fitbit for my special someone for christmas!

  122. My girlfriend and I are saving money to move to a different country (away from this new and criminal comunist government we are suffering in Venezuela) so this prize would be ver helpful. We hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  123. I clicked on the first three twitter accounts to follow and I got “doesn’t exist” message from Twitter.

  124. My boyfriend and I are saving money to move to a different country (away from this new and criminal comunist government we are suffering in Venezuela) so this prize would be ver helpful. We hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity. (And yes, Yeah, my boyfriend is the one who said the same thing right before me). Please, help us!

  125. Thank you for the giveaway! Right now, I am officially unemployed for one reason, believe or not, sexual harassment in the work place. So this is going to be a big help for me right now while I am looking for a new job.

  126. Ahlam Charai says

    Hope to win!!

  127. I will use this money for donation to my washing worker’s daughter school fee, she is very need it, but I can’t help her so much because I’m just a college student

  128. holiday funds

  129. Adriana Gonzalez says

    I’ll use it to buy a Fitbit for myself and my mom.

  130. love it

  131. michelle levine says

    I would use the bucks to get a fitbit i always wanted one!

  132. I would spend it mostly on groceries but also I would treat myself to a few new books for the winter! :)

  133. christmas presents for the kids

  134. Def on my four kiddos for Christmas.

  135. Antonina Nikolova says

    Books, please!:)) And some presents;)

  136. MY kids are 30 29 and 22..they all left home but are now moving home with dogs and boyfriend..would love to win..for myself ..just to run away with a good book and have a nice treat would be cool…

  137. I would use my #BlizzardBucks to bless people. I love blessing people :o)

  138. Chelsey Bennett says

    I would get myself some clothes. I am just about done shopping for the kids for Christmas, and my husband is already spoiled. Lol. Time to treat myself!

  139. Cool

  140. I will buy a laptop for studies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. New winter clothes

  142. I would use the money to be able to afford gifting something to my husband and parents. We’ve budgeted enough for the kids….but, everyone else is just getting homemade cookies!

  143. I would get gifts for my parents!

  144. I would get gifts for my parents and friends!

  145. If I won, I would buy a lot more craft supplies to create!

  146. Sarah Austin says

    Christmas presents!

  147. Sharron Page says

    It would mean I can afford to replace my daughter’s broken ipad which she dropped today with a brand new one.

  148. Thank you for your wonderful giving spirit and a chance to win. It will make our Christmas extra special if I win because I have eleven grandchildren to buy a gift for. Happiest of Holidays to all. :)

  149. Donna Lawton says

    Christmas dinner and the electricity bill as hubby lost his job a few months ago

  150. Sarah Cruz says

    I would use it to pay for my studies

  151. Lots & Lots of Christmas prezzies!

  152. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says

    Christmas presents for the family

  153. I would buy the kids more Christmas presents. It would make Christmas so special.

  154. Amanda Stovall says

    I’d use the Blizzard Bucks for some Christmas shopping! I’d also give a portion of it to our local food kitchen that feeds people in need! Thank you!

  155. laura stewart says

    christmas treats for my daughter x

  156. Sarah Heath says

    I would use it for extra presents and to buy items to decorate my son’s new bedroom

  157. Victoria Thurgood says

    lots of christmas presents

  158. lauren metcalfe says

    Christmas presents for my little brothers!!

  159. Sara Davis says

    Christmas Presents

  160. Andy Craig says


  161. Roger Turbin says

    I would use it to help with Christmas presents.

  162. tillyessex69 says

    I need to arrange someone to pick up some drawings from New York, that I wanted to give as a present….!

  163. Medical bills!

  164. Shannon Williams says

    I would love to spoil the children with Christmas decorations and presents and even a nice turkey for the family

  165. i would use it to buy food an electric over christmas maybe we could even have a turkey for once

  166. Christmas shopping!

  167. Great idea! A gift for all the family, plus a charity donation.

  168. Danielle Pooley says

    It would go towards my rent!

  169. Holly Hauck says

    Straight to Amazon to pay for Christmas gifts!

  170. It’s both my daughter’s birthdays at the start of the year and I’m in the middle of doing up the house. This would go a really long way either to help me finish the house so I can start on their birthday lists or to help me on my way with their birthdays so I can sit on my butt and enjoy Xmas instead of all the boxes all over the house every week lol loads of luck to everyone entering I wish u all the very best of luck. Have a lovely Xmas and thank you for offering us lot such a fantastic prize. Someone’s Xmas is going to be made

  171. Senja Kaarela says

    Happy Holidays, would be so great for our annual Christmas baking for the Hope in Darkness in aid for homeless!

  172. I would be able to purchase gifts for my children for Christmas.
    My son wants nintendo ecards or switch.
    I have no idea what my daughter wants, so I’d get her a pair of shoes which she really needs.

  173. Chloe Brill says

    on ebay

  174. JULIE WARD says

    Treat myself to some nice smelly bath goodies and the rest most probably lego for grandchildren

  175. Chantelle W says

    I would put 70% into my student loans and then the other something nice for my mom for xmas :)

  176. Buy some treats for Christmas. After a horrid few years of austerity here in the UK, husband having had no pay rise for 7 years we have had enough now and we have to get through BREXIT yet! oh what fun!

  177. How to cook Brussels Sprouts. Great recipe, thank you. I don’t think we’ll have them after Brexit! lol.

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