Your poor water heater is cold, put a jacket on it! {Living Green}

Tip # 57 

Put a jacket on your water heater

  • The water coming into your home is colder this time of year taking more energy to heat.
  • If  your water heater is stored in a cooler area of your home that result in even additional energy to heat the water.
  • Once the water is warm, it will also cool down faster during the winter months.

To prevent the water heater from running constantly and racking up your utility bills, you can insulate your  heater with a fiberglass “hot water jacket”.  The insulation will help the water heater heat up quicker and stay warmer longer, reducing your overall cost and usage.

Information contained in this post was obtained from Green Living Tips & Ideas.  Photo credit – Green Living Tips & Ideas


  1. Oh, I like this…next stop is hardware store for some wrapped fireglass insulation.
    Great tip!!

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  3. Bath in cold water is good for our health

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