Wordless Wednesday ~ Halloween Cat (w/LINKY)

We were going through some Halloween items last week and our little adopted kitty, Harper, decided she wanted to become a part of the fun.  She started rolling around in and playing with the feathers on this witch’s hat! {Note the little feather stuck on her ear!}

Harper's Halloween


  1. Adorable!!

  2. That is so CUTE!!!!!!!!

  3. That’s a great shot… so cute!

  4. I love this picture so much!!!

  5. Such an awesome photo!

  6. Harper is a gorgeous kitty! What a great shot! =)

  7. Oh, Harper is sooo sweet. Looks like a real Halloween ad cat. Love the feather in her ear! She is lucky to have such a loving and caring family.

  8. Such an adorable photo!

  9. Too cute! I love how her colour is basically the same as the hat, with eyes closed she’d be totally camouflaged lol

  10. This is a beautiful picture!!

  11. Great picture. What a lovely cat.

  12. oooh that makes for a very dramatic picture! love it!

  13. That is the perfect Halloween pic! Black cats are spooky!

  14. what a sweetie ;)

  15. That is such an amazing photo!!! I love it! What a beautiful cat!!!

  16. Spooky! How many birds did she kill for those feathers? :P

  17. She’s the epitome of a Halloween Cat! Nice shot!!

  18. Your cat is gorgeous! Great Halloween pic!

  19. I love that photo of the BLACK cat on the BLACK hat! Couldn’t have planned it better. Did you get a new blog design? Or am I loopy? LOL

  20. How cute is she, she is well ready for Halloween LOL

    Have a spookypussytastic week ;-)

  21. What a cute picture.

  22. What a beautiful Halloween cat!

  23. Great picture! She must of known it would make the perfect shot!

  24. Oh my gosh, that is just too funny. Glad you pointed out the feather on the ear. I was looking at that wondering what was up. hahahaha

  25. Love your kitty and the new look here!!! :)

  26. Such a pretty little girl. she wants in on the fun, too.

  27. Awe gorgeous photo! She looks a lot like my kitty Spazz that we had to put down last winter. Ah the memories :)

  28. Love your kitty! Harper looks great settled in the feathers :)

  29. Very cute!

  30. What a great capture! Harper is ready for Halloween! Thanks for hosting.

  31. Black cats during Halloween are always depicted as spooky in pictures and on TV – but this is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! And oh so fancy with the feathers :)

  32. She just blends right in! Just photoshop some glowing eyes and totally spooky!

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